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Eddie Guerrero dies at 38 years of age


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Christ, is everyone gonna pinch that "Lied, cheated, and stole our hearts" line now? That's really disingenuous, man.


I know all about guys like Henning and the British Bulldog, aut really, has anything like this ever happened? Eddie was slated for TWO main events in the next 2 weeks. And the sombitch of it, Batista's injured, like he's out for the next few months injured. He was gonna lose that title on friday. And even if Orton took it instead of Eddie, there's no other real contendership prospect (Taker's too old, JBL's spent, Hardy's got no steam, Benoit's jumping ship). Eddie was damn near garanteed the Championship between now and Wrestlemania, poised for Batista to come back and turn heel on Eddie for taking his title.

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He would of lost it on Sunday night taping for SD! Since it would of been a Double Header show the WWE has been putting on for a few weeks.

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Recently I stopped watching wrestling because the writing sucks ass. Which leads to lack of entertainment and illogical angles.


One great example is having Stone Cold lose to the Coach fairly at Taboo Tuesday. That's why Austin walked out on them again :unsure:


Well, Eddie Guerro was entertaining and he'll be missed.

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i too was damn shocked to read about this, have they found out on whats the cause yet?


EDIT: turns out he had a heart disease




The intial autopsy report following Eddie Guerrero's death Sunday morning in Minneapolis have indicated that the former world champ died of heart disease.


"It was heart failure. It was from his past -- the drinking and the drug abuse. They found signs of heart disease," Guerrero's widow, Vickie, told WWE.com. "She (the Hennepin County medical examiner) said that the blood vessels were very worn and narrow, and that just showed all the abuse from the scheduling of work and his past. And Eddie just worked out like crazy all the time. It made his heart grow bigger and work harder and the vessels were getting smaller, and that?s what caused the heart failure. He went into a deep sleep."


A more complete autopsy is still pending. In Tuesday's edition, the Minnesota Star Tribune reported that the Hennepin County medical examiner said that the cause of death may not be known for weeks.


Vickie Guerrero also said thank you for all the love and support from fans during the ordeal, but reaffirmed her request for a private funeral outside Phoenix, Arizona.


The service on Thursday will be run by "Superstar" Billy Graham, a long-time friend of the Guerrero family.

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10 Bell Salute For Him




Its pretty retarded how alot of people are kinda talking crap about this though since he was a wrestler and the steroid things.


That really angers me when someone dies and people still have the balls to talk crap, Is there anything more serious than someone dying?


I mean i understand most people didnt know him personally or anything but still, its pretty heartless of them

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Eh, it's the internet. What did you expect? Everything from dying to gardening eventually gets slandered by someone. Aggravating? Yes, at times, especially if the receiving end is someone/something that interested you very much.

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