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  1. Your portfolio would have to be FANTASTIC to make up for the lack of a degree. It's entirely possible, I think, to program without a degree but you have to be really really good. But you should apply anyway without the degree just in case you get lucky or something. The big, well known, or prestigious companies like id software (I think all their positions have some sort of degree as a Desired Skill since id is like the Harvard of gaming) can demand a college degree and get it but small game shops don't have that luxury. I have no intentions in working for a big company. I just want to get a moderately well-payinng programming job so I can move out. Alll of that stuff about making my own company will be in the distant future. I want to focus on the immediate goal at hand.
  2. I honestly don't like programming. I only choosed it as a hobby as a means of entry into the game development industry. The design of computer games, in particular, the aspect of gameplay appeals more to me than actually hacking in code all the day. There are numerous local software firms hiring and most of their job postings have made no mention of a college degree. I don't think they give a crap as long as you have a portfolio and some work experience to back you up.
  3. Hey, I'm currently enrolled in my local community college and the more classes I take the more depressed I become. At one point I was suicidal. I'm very uncomfortable in a school environment and quite frankly, I'm tired of school. I'm tired of book reports, homework, walking around with a bookbag, paying thousands for stupid classes, etc. I haven't learned anything new since I started college, which is the honest truth. Each year the school makes changes to the CS cirriculum which halts my graduation. With the way things are going now, it will be awhile before I obtain my associates degree. People always tell me their stories about how they obtain well-paying computer programming jobs without even finishing college. That a programming portfolio is held in much higher regard than a college degree. I can see this being realistic since most kids who obtain a bachelor's degree in either computer science or information technology rarely code during their freetime (most of them are just in it for the money). And those game kids aren't really good programmers to begin with. Throughout middle and high school I've been teaching myself and coding in c++, making various simple games and 3D applications. Game design is what I've always wanted to do, however, I wouldn't want to program games for a living since, compared to non-game software engineers, game developers work longer hours and get paid much less. My plan is to make my portfolio which would include some 2D/3D games, 3D graphics demos, and some websites. Apply for either an entry-level web developer job (which is much, much easier than coding games) or a Quality Assurance spot (a.k.a game/application testing; crappy pay but atleast I gain some experience). After a couple of years, I'll probably get promoted to a mid-level programmer then I'll save money to start my own game development firm. Anyway, are my plans realistic? The thought of college just makes me sick. With years of c++ programming under my belt, I can easily learn a new language (i.e.: c#, action script, java) that any job would require. I believe I'm ready for the work environment. Tired of carrying around books and doing stupid homework.
  4. Damnit people. Let Street Fighter rest in peace. Leave it in the closest with your Sonic The Hedgehog and Pac Man. Dragon Ball Z and Soul Caliber are the new crap now wardy.
  5. Hello, I represent Talitha Starware as a consultant. Talitha is an online multimedia design studio established in 2005. Anyways, unfortunately our staff is booked with work. I just thought I'd tell you guys about a job a client gave us recently. The job involves making a chat client for an online adult dating site. It pays $500. If you're interested heres my contact information : AIM: Allumintti MSN: luminion@gmail.com
  6. The guy clearly is a racist. Doesn't matter if he apologies. I'm glad no one in here defended him by saying, "maybe he was drunk?" because that's bullshit.
  7. Is there a way to convert dex drive save files into a readable format for PJ64?
  8. Hello, I currently run a online multimedia design studio. My company, Talitha Starware accepts clients from all over the world. Talitha Starware also functions as an online game development studio. My multimedia staff currently is lacking in people proficient with flash and server-side techonlogy. I'm convinced that some people here have the skills necessary to be onboard the team. Keep in mind that this is a online venture. No need to relocate. It's also important to note that if you're currently working on a game project then we could assist with the art. Don't hesitate to contact us. Our website: http://talitha.cvk.ca/
  9. Well you had to admit the video was quite funny. The guy plainly is an idiot.
  10. Hey, Recently came across a video on youTube with a kid ghost-riding his car and having it get stolen by a black guy. I knew the kid was a bit familiar so I did a bit of searching(in real life). And it turns out he used to go to my highschool, his name is -edited-. I've obtained some contact information from a friend of his so that I could publicly post it. What you do with that information is entirely up to you. I'm not suggesting anything but you could also argue that I'm alluding to something . Again, do what you want. Name: -edited- AIM Handle: -edited- E-mail address: -edited- Website: http://rav.realitybytes.tk/ Video in question: No personal information unless he comes here and posts it himself - Robert Personal info available on his website. - Me
  11. I hate how people act like they won't buy this system. I'm pretty sure in due time almost everyone on this message board will have a PS3 in their bedroom.
  12. Hello, I recently purchased an X-Box 360 controller to be used with my PC to play some games evidently. Some games, however, won't allow gamepad/joystick configuration, such as Fable: The Lost Chapters. The drivers are already installed. But what I'm looking for is software that allows you to map keyboard and mouse buttons to a usb game controller. I've came across Pinnacle Game Profiler but it's a shareware product and only allows for us for 30 days.
  13. Does Thompson have a life? By the way, Bully is a PS2 game made by Rockstar.
  14. My Full Two Cents I guess I should put in my two cents in the whole situation here. I believe that people who blame video games as the sole cause of the disturbance in our culture have an invalid point here. The thing is, there are a great number of elements in our culture that contribute or influence a child's behavior. The human mind is so complex and identifying only a single culprit seems illogical. Also, it's interesting how people are more concerned with playing the blame game then actually fixing the problem at hand. What do you guys think?
  15. Guess what FULL article + reactions HERE: http://www.joystiq.com/2006/08/06/no...r-you-says-ea/ This brings up an interesting question. Is it a good time to finally pull the plug on the online function of games? Sounds like menaceware: Buy 'n play the latest version, or NO online!! I'd understand for the 2003/2004 lineup, but 2005??? Couple that with the impossibility to set your own unofficial servers, to be maintained even after company's death. Hell, Warcraft 2 is still supported on Battle.net after a decade!!
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