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Which Emu plays kof96 evo?


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Hello, :lol:

Which emulator would play kof96 evo....


I've DL'd all sorts of emu's winkawaks, nebula, nrx, and a neo geo mame emu....


Hmmmm none of them seem to support it. Have had some hacks of the emu's which support other hacked versions of neo geo games..... just not kof 96 evo....


I'm not asking where to DL the emu, just which emu I should be looking for exactly.


Many thanks :P

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Don't worry I'm not making it up it does exist lol :P


I'm assuming it's not available in almost any emu's because it's a 'rom hack' rather than a 'genuine bootleg' as emu authors might say.


So i can only assume that something like King of Fighters 96 Evolution is only going to be available on a hacked emulator.... exactly which one though, version etc??? Hmmmm.


Wish i could tell you the actual difference, but from what i gather and pics seen, the Evolution version has extra moves, overpowered moves, with bosses selectable by default.


Not really sure what else.


Most likely a lot of people will say this sounds trash and just another rubbish hack heh.

But I'm a big kof96 fan and this evo version has always got my interest.... just ummm never actually played it lol :lol:

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In my archives I discovered I had this rom.


I tried to get standard Nebula to run it but it would not start.


Then, I got the mame kof96 and replaced 241-p1.bin with the one from kof96evo.zip


MAME gave an error about wrong crc and size, but it worked regardless. You can tell the difference because at the kof96 title screen, it says WESKER HACK.

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