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Which Emu plays kof96 evo?


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WoW! :ph34r: Please gimme details! GIMME GIMME GIMME GIMME!! ;)


So I basically need Nebula 2.25 without any loader, replace the KoF 96 p1 rom with the 96evo p1 rom, and Nebula should run it fine regardless of any errors in the crc's and so on??? Same thing for running it on Mame I take it?? :ph34r:


Thanks again!

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Oooooooooo Mr Evil RAAALLLF!!!!!! :unsure:


Have you worked out all the secret moves to kof96 evo by any chance?


I know all the extra supers relevant to characters whose supers were originally hidden, but struggling to work out hidden normal moves for most characters, unless it hasn't been unlocked in kof96evo or.... I'm just rubbish and can't seem to pull them off but I doubt that aha aha ;)


Have a look at this, you might find it interesting being a kof fan, please give it a go heh:



Looks like SNK locked up quite a lot of moves from the original kof96 (as well as in other kof’s)... bah! :P


And if you view the hidden moves using the DIP settings mentioned in that guide you will find there are a handful of hidden moves that the evo version does not include.

Well I certainly can't pull off some of the hidden moves that guide mentions, and can only assume that they have not been unlocked in kof 96 evo. :(


Which now brings me onto the next question..... how many version of kof96 evo is there?? :)


I have a kof96evo p1 rom the size of 1mb which I'm using, and then I have another evo p1 rom which is 2mb which I can't use anyways. Maybe that 2mb p1 kof 96evo rom has everything unlocked fully. A shame I can't try it out on any emu due to the size; I have no idea how to make a p1 2mb rom work only 1mb p1.


I only ask about the versions because the p1 1mb rom I’m using is kof96 'version 1.2' apparently. I didn't even know these things came in version lol.


Anyways enough babbling from me. What do you think Evil Ralf or anyone??????



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Hmmmm sounds like the 1mb might be just the same as the 2mb version, but only one way to find out, I've not tried running the 2mb p1 rom in mame yet (didn't know it would run it). I will give it go later on and see if I find any extra moves to what I can do now.



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