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Well, i visited a@h once a few years ago, and i didnt find hardly anything besides fake links, trick votes and popup crap, so i have never been back there. But i have heard a lot of ugly things about that guy running a@h, many other site owners had probs with him of what i hear, so maybe its better if hes gone for good now.

He should go into porn business and not drain us emuholys into dirt :blink:



You may of had spyware on your PC because I never had any of those problems you speak of.


I go by facts not fiction :rofl:

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/me doesn't remember no fake links or trick votes of any kind.


I don't recall if there were popup ads, but I know there were too many banners and the URL redirection thing is the most annoying thing I have ever seen.

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fake links, trick votes and popup crap are not issued by spyware :)



Um yes it is :(


The only time there was fake links was when people asked for roms and another member posted some weird site

I memmer one time someone asked for N64 rom links and I gave them a link to a domain that had tranny porn; I think it was either you or evilnos that deleted it :D

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Fake links and trick votes is, when you click some link named "Rom download" or similar, and instead to go to something you expected, you end up in some topsite list. And that is not issued by spyware.

Maybe it was before you people got there, and he changed it later, i dont know. Has been in the emux ages, a site which i doubt anyone of you will remember

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