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Arcade@Home is offline!


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I suspect there are a lot of people who sympathise with you Cinder. For those who don't know, 'Timmah' is the owner of a@h, user name of Teckel. There are lots of stories about his behaviour, but as I joined late, and never visited that often, I'll leave it to others to explain it - if they want to.

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he used to be a mame rom burner, however, he'd charge a fee for the roms as well as the discs (if you didn't provide them yourself)


but the point is he'd sell roms and that is a big no no


also the site had a lot of ads; you could become a premium member by signing up for the "Real Arcade" service and saying that you heard of it through A@H and you'd get no ads and your attack system stats were raised higher


...but, he'd get money out of ppl becoming premmies

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