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DSemu: The Next Generation


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fltk-2.0.x-r4608.tar.bz2 is that ok?
No, no it's not ok :D

DSemu-ng links against Fltk 1.1.x (1.1.4 in particular is what I dev with). I have no idea if 2.0 will work. Also, you won't be needing SDL any more; I finally got around to removing the references to SDL for the 1101 release.

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Erm. I didn't actually do any setting up, having a superripped commandline version of MSC++; all I did was dump the FL includes in INCLUDE, get someone else to compile the libs, and dump those in LIB. I haven't the first clue how to go about building Fltk :D

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I have a six channel mixer via PortAudio, if you want it. Just fill in the callback. The code I have should be portable by replacing the PortPLATFORM.c file (mine is Mac-Carbon). You can include the few files in the distro as it is under a BSD type license, so it matters not what you do with it, (unlike GPL/LGPL). Just stick the files in there and add it to your distro, rather than making people install a ton of crap.


I had SFX and vorbis/ogg working on it at the time.

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Sure, sounds good; I'll take it. Good to hear that it's all BSDd, since that's the licence

for DSemu-ng; can't go around distributing lgpl code under bsd, now can we.


Just throw a link or the file in my direction, it'll be much appreciated.

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