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  1. I have a six channel mixer via PortAudio, if you want it. Just fill in the callback. The code I have should be portable by replacing the PortPLATFORM.c file (mine is Mac-Carbon). You can include the few files in the distro as it is under a BSD type license, so it matters not what you do with it, (unlike GPL/LGPL). Just stick the files in there and add it to your distro, rather than making people install a ton of crap. I had SFX and vorbis/ogg working on it at the time.
  2. Have you considered using PortAudio rather than SDL? If you only want audio it might be a better solution. I used it years ago on the Mac and wrote my own mixer (using a logarithmic compander), but they do have a mixer if you need it. If you use your own mixer you just add pa_lib.c, pa_host.h, portaudio.h and pa_PLATFORM.c and you're done It calls a callback when it needs data.
  3. Cool, I'll keep an eye out for it. Will you be putting back the nds files in the next one?
  4. Hi there, Thought you might like to know that I got this to compile and sort-of run under OS X. I had to make a couple of fixes however. The DSEMU version number wasn't a string, so I changed the Makefile.osx to echo the thing with quotes around it. The path to gl.h didn't work so I changed it to <FL/gl.h> I had to add gbammu-dma.c to the makefile as well. After linking you need to execute 'fltk-config --post dsemu' in order to add a small resource fork so that the UI functions. Nothing seems to run correctly however. I tried the copperbars and mode3demo.bin files and neither works. copperbars displayed nothing and mode3 looked like this: Ah well, at least it kinda goes... This is version 20051014.
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