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DSemu: The Next Generation


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Morning, all. May I draw your attention to the (former) DSemu homepage, wherein will be found, for the first time in months, news.



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Alright. Progress thus far has been relatively quick, but I fear that things will slow down/crawl to a stop very soon now. Up to this point, things have been simple; I have a large percentage of a shiny new portable ARM7 core, a tiny bit of GBA bitmap graphics, and key input, all underneath a new portable (FLTK-based) GUI. From here, it gets difficult, and I may be tempted to simply hack in doublec's work on the DS components.


Now I know you're clamouring for screenshots. Very little in the way of demos runs right now, but there are a few simple ones that seem to work fine. Images follow (note, they may not appear immediately, as there seems to be an issue with the server):






The latest source should be available at http://ng.dsemu.org/dsemu-ng-20051008.tar.bz2


Feel free to check it out.

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I get a DNS error on your server. I cannot see any images or download the source.
Yeah, my DSL line happened to go down the very minute I posted the message, and stayed down for like 3 hours. It's all back up now.
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Are you working on a new DSEmu or are you helping doublec?
To clarify things. As of right now, the DSemu project is termporarily forked; master Double's working on DSemu, and I've got DSemu-ng. When I've caught my code up to doublec's, I'm hoping to integrate/replace the current DSemu tree with DSemu-ng, hence merging the projects.


To answer your other question, there won't be a release; even though this is "another emulator", it's intended as a merging replacement to DSemu.

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Regular updates? Never. Anyway, I took a break for a couple of days, and came back to the code. Only to find that a couple of demos break horribly, RValentine being the most notable. Now, I spent all day hacking stuff in to find the problem. I didn't find the problem, but I did hack the stuff in. (screenshot follows)




Perhaps tomorrow or the day after, the bughunt can begin.

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Hi there,


Thought you might like to know that I got this to compile and sort-of run under OS X.


I had to make a couple of fixes however.


The DSEMU version number wasn't a string, so I changed the Makefile.osx to echo the thing with quotes around it.


The path to gl.h didn't work so I changed it to <FL/gl.h>


I had to add gbammu-dma.c to the makefile as well.


After linking you need to execute 'fltk-config --post dsemu' in order to add a small resource fork so that the UI functions.


Nothing seems to run correctly however. I tried the copperbars and mode3demo.bin files and neither works. copperbars displayed nothing and mode3 looked like this:




Ah well, at least it kinda goes...


This is version 20051014.

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