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Kazza light and all P2P programmes must die!!


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Imesh edonkey kazza kazza light enuff to bring sick to the back of my throat, this is rant guys so read at your discression [actually it aint that bad]


How manytimes have you downloaded a P2P programme and all its realy intrested in is installing infenets amounts of uncontrollabile software, even altering your task buy, wile all the wile your zone alarm is asking for permission for over a 100 different things to acess the internet.


There are over a 100 different types Of P2P software out there most of them scams and lies.


And to make it worse you get people [need to make text big]





Why these people let others download these files is waaaaaay beyond me these guys must have absaloutly no life whatsoever to let someone take up there bandwidth in a huge 200meg download only for you to get the complete oposite to what you origanally tried for.



To those people, rename and warn for other users if you are one of these people that do such things then get a life maybe go outside on the odd ocassion or even learn some ethics just because you got scammed in a download doesent mean others have to, help stop the crap cirulating on kazza you bastards, i hope your pc blows up in your face the next time a sucker is trying to get a "fake" file from you. :lol::D


oh and those who circulate viruses...Do you have a reason as to why you do it? :D




I have tried for the following items of kazza, each time hopeing i would get the correct file.



splinter cell a huge 700MEG download=Fake :evil:

Championship manager 4 260meg= FAKE :evil:

Championship manager 4 170MEG=FAKE :evil:

Countless video files=FAKE or made buy someone who loves really low qualatie movies. :evil:

DOOM 3 alpha demo359MEG=Courropted file source on ALL wav files. :evil: over a GIGS worth of nothing


Im done, be warned people watch out for kazza its a bad place populated buy the sewer wash outs, of the internet, apart from you and me that is.



Please share your exsperiances, if you have ever got anything good from the place let me know.



Ohhhh i feel better for that.

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wow I couldnt agree more emsley! although I have been pretty lucky a few times with kazaa but mostly its just misnamed crap. but I did find a nice utility called sig2dat that allows you to import "known" real copy's of stuff into a dat file that kazaa reads and just starts the download but even then it turns out that like maybe only 1 person on the planet has that exact file and he MIGHT sign onto kazaa to quickly dload an mp3 once a month and sign right back off! I actually started keeping track of files I got that turned out to be fakes and flamed the livin crap outta the meatheads that were continuing to share the same files and what I found out was most of them were to ignorant to even care (or to know how to rename a file) so to finish off :D DOWN WITH KAZAA! :lol:

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Im not crazy!!


Sorry if i went a little nuts, its just that after a lot of poop i have been threw...well you know.

Poor people out there beliving there getting what there asking for.


Stci kwith emulforums or the DC hub you will be allright.

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You have to laugh i suppose, the wrong files which i have in my shared folder....I left the file name the same, but put lots of warnings on it, and the PM asking if its real and im like no it is not read the warniongs, i even created a "word document" sateing which are fakes, sheeeesh some people are just plain dumb god bless them.


OOps im dumb to :D

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Why u lookin for champ man 4? it aint released until 28 march and wont be finished when it is released, I hear it needs a patch which will be available on release. So no point till then!

If u usin Kazaa you need sig2dat so you can dl verified files. Works for me

But I agree with you about virus and renamed file, annoying little ***** and too damn selfish to name files correctly.

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mmmmmm e donkey or emule aren´t bad

on edonkey i could find stuff that i couldn´t find anywhere else

imo that proggie is a marvel

i know many guys that dl lots of stuff from kazaa and never had a problem

you just gotta be careful and think a little before sarting to download any crap, there is a lot of sh*t but if oyu are careful nothing bad happens, for example there is a version of gta3 which is about 80mb now the real game uses 2 cds so as you can realise that dl i bullsh*t, and about championship manager 4 first it was not released yet, it´s size will be way greater than 170 or 260 mb

just be careful m8 =)

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Yeah im pretty much going to buy championshipm manager 4 when its released, tommorw infact i have allready got the money and im of to the store for the second they let us in.



Then i wil lear c++ code and rip the cd and upload a coorect version to kazza!!!! ok maybe i wont. :D


I know kazza is good one of the better programes out of the bunch i have got some great mp3 from that thing a lot of decent stuff infact and even some good programmes which can be bad, i have also tried edonkey, i just cant get it to work you paste a link in and get what your asking for but i get really bad download times like im on a 1.1kb a second modem at peak hours :lol:


All good.


Its the gyus/glas who make kazza bad, exzample it will take one person who renames a game championship manager 4 and he ;lets 3 people get it of him, after about 5 hours Its multiplied buy other users!!!

so it can spread really fast.


I saw poor people donloading the wrong files and theres nothing you can do its way to many, the people who creat that suff just LOL i suppose but i say leave em to there world they suckered me and probablie will again :D


Hehe i dont matter im getting the full version tommorw HORRAH!!

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