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Nebula 2.25 Released


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El Semi has released a new version of Nebula. Here are the changes:


Updated drivers. Thanks to Wesker, MR-J and the rest of people

in speksnk.net boards


Unlocked games up to New Power Instinct Matrimelee


Fixed garou raster effect missing in pre-battle talk


Added proper neopcm2 decryption.



Some code has been rewritten to improve compatibility. Now

more games should work (although there are still some problems).


Added an option in the Emulation menu for direct load of neocd ISO

or CD.



Added Knights of Valour 2 and Knights of Valour 2: Nine Dragons. Thanks

to HappyASR for the help getting the dump of the internal cartridge

cpu program. Due to the extra processor required to emulate, the game

will require a more powerful PC to run. Also savestates won't work.

(Internet ranking mode for kof2nd has been intentionally disabled).


Music speed in kov2/kov2nd is a bit off.


Fixed wrong sprite zoom and shrinking (required for kov2nd)


Fixed sprite priorities handling (required for kov2 & kof2nd)


Added protection for PhotoY2k.



Updated drivers. Thanks to Wesker, MR-J and the rest of people

in speksnk.net boards.


»» Official Site: http://nebula.emulatronia.com/

»» Download it Now! [1Emulation Server]

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Nebula 2.25 crashed when i've tryed to load kof2002 and matrimeele first time :o Then I've tryed to run in under Win98 and everything was fine... Except the sound in kof2002 - it's horrible :afro: Is something wrong with PMC2 protection support? Btw i've just tryed kof2002 and i was able to load rom under WinXP, but the sound is still awful :(

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