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Happy Birthday Dreamcast ^_^


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6 years old. Dang i feel old.


Discussion of your best Dreamcast moment(s), not a spam attack.


Mine: Playing REZ for the first time. Tripped out because I was up for 15 hours.

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awww i loved the whole 9/9/1999 release. i love my dreamcast, still do today. i play my mvc2 on it, just like i did when i first bought the thing. indeed, software was kinda weak, but when there are good games on that console, they were REALLY GOOD games. i can say that it was the best console i ever had, next to my saturn. i still love u sega.

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i unfortunatley missed out on the dreamcast experience.

Me too. I didn't even see the console in stores. Games, yes, but not the console itself. The only time I've ever touched and played a real Dreamcast was at a gaming convention last year.

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I remember my friend Evan got it before I did, we both got it and rushed home to his house as fast as we could, and we plugged it in, and he bought about 5 games for it (too lazy to list) and we where absolutley blown away.


We where like oooommmmgggg, it was the sweetest experience ever.


I remember one of the biggest things we raved about was how smooth the FPS was, There was this baseball game he had, cant remember exactly which one, and we thought it was so smooth it was almost unreal.


Another thing, and something i still rave about to this day, because i dont think any other console has been able to replicate it, is the contrast in colors. I mean, there are graphics out that look really realistic, more realistic than the Dreamcast, but everything on the dreamcast was just so bright and colorfull and absorbing, yet it wasnt cartoony either, it was just beautiful. ESPECIALLY on VGA.


anyway, later that night i went and got mine after borrowing some money, i didnt have all of it when me and evan where at the store.


then i played mine allll night.

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