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When Will Idiocy End?

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*To be honest. I think it's when Thompson dies. Which anyone in the Miami area can speed up gradually and do a great god damn favor for all of us gamers.


Bully is next.


And the plot thickens. The company's upcoming game, Bully, has entered the overarching Take-Two narrative, now in the following two instances.


The first is from a statement by the Britain-based Bullying Online, an organization devoted to ending all forms of "bullying" on school grounds in the UK. Reportedly, that group is seeking a ban of the title on its home turf.


"This game should be banned," the organization's Liz Carnell has said. "I'm extremely worried that kids will play it and then act out what they've seen in the classroom.... Bullying is not a game by any stretch of the imagination. We have around four suicidal children contacting us every day."


Rockstar Games describes the upcoming title as one where gamers play as a "troublesome schoolboy" who "stands up to bullies, gets picked on by teachers, plays pranks on malicious kids, wins or loses the girl, and ultimately learns to navigate the obstacles of the fictitious reform school."


*My opinion of this douchebag is mine alone and does not represent 1emulation as whole.

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I bet everyones happy I made my post more politically correct for news posting standards! HURRAH FOR ME.



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