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"Hi! I'm new here!"


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Hi all. I'm DeathZone from havocforums. I thought it would be nice to be involved in more than one forum, and I saw Superman and Jackco talking about this post. I thought it would be only right if my 1st post here was to introduce myself, soooooo there it is.

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Hey Whats up im Chode....(name from tripping the rift:) anywho, im from canada, WOO YA, actually i do love canada. anyway yup, hope to have fun on here, cuz it will rawk and theres a lot of cool games, so ya cool.



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Hello, I'm Lord Kanti, and I'm and FLCL addict.

I've been on the emulators for a few years now, I use them every day.

I emulate NES SNES Genesis and GBA.  And I'm cool. Yeah.

Yes you are cool! :P


Come one come all welcome to the show. :)



aww thats a cute kitty, yours? name? my cat is a blue russian, shes so cute too;) lol

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