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Nintendo Revolution - Already Beaten

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what was their original design ? do u mean the n64 design

Their NES controller. During the NES/SNES transition they added four buttons. When the Sony/Nintendo deal went sour, Sony took the new controller design with them. The layout was identical save two more shoulder buttons. Later controllers added two analog sticks under the start/select buttons. Controllers from other companies are only slight variations on what I consider the standard. Nintendo likes to be innovative though, so they design all sorts of funky new controllers, and do crazy things like give a handheld an extra touch screen (the latter of the two worked out well).


Controller Evolution










Zany Nintendo Contraptions

For those with three hands:



Fortunately, the Dpad and L button on the controller were almost never used. By far the oddest controller to date, there was actually a button on the back of the center protrusion (where the joystick is). Despite it's odd setup, the controller was one of the better things about the 64.


Can't memorize button placement?:



In an effort to help especially young children, Nintendo stretched, twisted, and bent the buttons so that they were all of different sizes and shapes, allowing those with short term memory loss to find buttons without looking at the controller. Unfortunately, finding buttons was never a problem, so Nintendo managed to create a new problem.

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N64's controller's design was pretty bad, in that they couldn't figure out a way to use the control pad and the L button, and the joytsick and Z button at the same time.


i thought it was a good controler.. only complaint i had was the joystick seems to wear down after about a year of use.


But for a first time using a joystick on a console it wasnt half bad. Now for ur comment.. why in the hell would u need to use the L, dpad, z and the joystick at the same time? if u used the dpad u could just put ur hand over there and use it along with the L button. If u were using the stick then u held the middle handle. How hard is that? its not rocket science. Just cause it had 3 handles does not mean u needed to use them all at once.

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It has been proven that you don't need to use them all at once. Hell, it was poven a long time ago that all you need is a joystick and maybe a button. But it's stupid of Nintendo at that time to create a controller in which you aren't able to use all of the buttons at once. This is why the PS2 controller is the controller that everyone agrees was really good, and that the N64 controller is the controller that could use a lot of work.

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It kicked ass for MKT. I'll admit that. If they're were any more fighters for the system it would be just plain perfect with the A B Buttons + C Buttons in a perfect row of 3 / 3 (3s maybe? Choppy as hell but possibly decent? Who knows! IT WOULD OF ROCKED!?)

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