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New Saturn game - WinterSports Eins


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Wednesday, 15 June, 2005 16:30


New SEGA Saturn game released:

WinterSports Eins for Saturn enters the C4 - 2005 Saturn coding contest:


Finally WinterSports Eins returns to the SEGA Saturn. The game development initially was started for SEGA Saturn and was later expanded to SDL platforms. Being short on time with the GBAX closing date, the GP32 version was released first.


WinterSports Eins for SEGA Saturn comes as multiregion (region free) ISO CD image that can be burned on CD-R or CD-RW. Use it on your Saturn videogame console either via applying the swap trick or using a modchip. Works on emulators, too.


Note: Publishing in-game screenshots of this game is STRICTLY PROHIBITED!



For more information, visit the Official Site!




Credits: News, via Tuxedo News

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Why the hell is publishing screenshots prohibited???


I'd like to know the same, if you have to purchase it I don't understand why no screenshots are allowed to be published anywhere. Theres no way in hell I'd ever buy a game I wasn't allowed to see some in-game shots of first.


Edit: Wait a minute......theres nothing stating this on that site, is this you stating that no screenies are allowed robbbert?

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This might explain... from the readme in the iso


This is just a fan project.

I tried several times to contact Chris Hilgert to get permission to use

the original GFX and SFX, but no response. From my experience I interpret this as:

we don't care about that, but we can't officially allow you.

So enjoy playing and avoid anything that could confuse others about

this fanproject and the original game.

That's why:


Publishing in-game screenshots is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.


Btw, just checked out the game, it's a re-make of the penguin throwing yeti game

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It's on the main page thru the official page link, about 2/3 of the way down.



EDIT: I'm not saying you can't post screenshots, you can post whatever you want. I simply passed on the request from the official site.

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Thanks for your interest in my little game WinterSports Eins for Saturn.

There is a GP32 version as well.


First: noone has to purchase this game, it's homebrew and can be downloaded.


That's a really stupid rule.


No, it's just precausion to avoid.....problems that would force me to take it offline.

Haven't you read this from above:

So enjoy playing and avoid anything that could confuse others about

this fanproject and the original game.

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