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Did you know the second Street Fighter released!

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I know many people thinks that [ Street fighter 2 ] is the second released game of Street fighter (That's wrong).


I've found that capcom in (1990) release a NES game called:



The character in the third picture is ment to be [ KEN ].

Will 5 more years to reach it. :P


What do you think of that?



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I played this game back on my NES. I rented it more than once, actually. It wasn't terrible, as silly NES games go. I never realized that was supposed to be Ken though. :P

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heres something you may not know. the (original) Japanese version of that game has a different name (i dont know what it is) and in it, Ken's name wasnt even mentioned until the ending.


this gave Japanese players some good surprise since they didnt realize earlier that they have been playing with an already familiar character all along. because of this, in the process of porting the game to US shelves, Capcom edited the game (including the title) so the player would know whos the character of the game right from the beginning.


factoid taken from an old Tips and Tricks magazine. it may not be entirely correct but thats all i remember from it.

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The NES had a whole lot of games that were subpar with weak ideas trying to cash some money with a well-known game. Street Fighter 2010 is also one of the hardest games on the NES. Ever.

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