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Britney Spears is pregnant, oh my gosh!


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A big "WHO CARES?" goes out from me.

I don't find "celebrities" to be special in any way, in most cases they aren't good people and have more issues than anyone else.

And this is just what the world needs, her to be producing offspring.

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Nice body, face and flocked up eyes are not quite bagworthy. Makeup is atrocious, face is plain without. Hot or not rating? 7.


Couldn't care less about her spawning, except that it's one more flocked up hollywood kid. If they can't work their delusions into our way of life through the media, they'll breed it in, I guess. :P

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I have a bad feeling the kid is going to need plenty of therapy by the time he/she is 10.


Also, Brittney better wear makeup when she's having the kid. If the kid sees her without it, it's going to scream real loud and start trying to crawl back in...

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