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Browse the web with PSP!


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holy crap I seen this over at gamefaqs message board. someone try it! I don't have a wireless setup so I can't confirm. post results here


Someone found a way to browse online using Wiopeout Pure without having to set up your own webserver, make changes to firewalls, DHCP forwarding or any of that complicated crap.


Step by step it goes like this:


1. Goto Settings ---> Network Settings ---> Infrastructure Mode ---> New Connection (you want to make a new connection so you can still use your default connection for regulare game use).


2. Create a new connection and after you've set the SSID and WEP (if you use it) in Address Settings goto Custom --->Manual.


Now set an IP for your PSP (192.168.1.xxx where xxx can be any number between 001 and 255 works for me, your router may require a different IP number check you manual).Leave the Subnet mask Set the Default Router to your router's IP address (I have a Linksys and mine, check your manual). Set the Primary DNS to (this is what will let you get onling browsing). Set the secondary DNS to your router's IP.

3. Set Proxy Server as Do Not Use if you are not using one.


4. Confirm the setting list and Save the settings.


5. Put in Wipeout Pure and go to the Downloads section. When it asks what connection to use select the connection you just set up and viola, your online!


You can navigate the pages using the D-pad and select links with the X button. You can also enter text into text boxes by highlighting the box and pressing X. go back by pressing L


Now even though I have broadband loading some pages takes a while. It may not always be the fast but it does work! :devilboy:

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I'm still waiting for someone to hack the PSP and make it a Pocket PC. :P


same here, but the PSP can do so much already, so i might just get it when i have the money, which is like never, cuz i don't have a job!!! and my parents don't give me any money cuz we're poor, das y i love emulation

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I've heard rumors that sony may release a firmware update with a webbrowser, and pda functionality in the future.

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