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PSP or nintendo DS

which would you prefer?  

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My brother has a DS, and I think its really dissapointing. None of the games we have tried are really any fun. the best game is probably Mario 64 but while playing it kept thinking...


150 dollars plus 30 dollars for the game, thats 180 dollars to play some game i beat 6 years ago on a tiny ass screen! wooooo!....not!


We pretty much use it to play GBA games.


the PSP however has many new and interesting titles. So far ive played Metal Gear Ac!d (much more fun than it looks, i admit i thought it would be crappy at first), Legends untold, Ridge Racer, Wipeout pure, ATV Offroad Fury: Blazin Trails, Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower, Dynasty warriors, and Twisted: Metal Head On.


I had fun with all of them! I must also say that the DSs screens are nowhere as sharp looking as the PSP, especially the bottom one. And the DS's graphics are nowhere near as nice either. In games with video playback, it seems DS's video playback is crap too :/ but that may have been to save space on the tiny cartridges that they put games on for DS. The wireless range for Ad Hoc playing on DS seems to be about 10-20 feet, its really dumb...Okay wee, so im in a chat room with someone so close to me i could just talk...We've tested it in the mall, my house, my yard, and with the test unit in walmart (I kicked my brothers ass in Mario 64 :D ) and the range seemed to all be 10-20 feet anywhere.


The PSP goes all over the place though, and it supports using a router so with that it REALLY goes all over the place :o


and while playing the DS, i couldnt help but thinking, wow this game would be alot better if i had an analog stick. Lo and behold PSP has an analog stick!


There are just so many dissapointments with the DS. The PSP reigns supreme in my opinion.

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Oh yeah one thing i might add, Take both DS Screens and put them next to each other


PSP screen is still wider AND taller.


SO if devvers really wanted to support a useless idea (Admit it, on all the DS games except warioware touched, which i enjoy actually, the touch screen just displays something stupid like a map, its just a waste) they could split the screen in half and do the same thing DS does, but side by side.


I have no idea why you would want to do that though.

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I'd have to say the PSP is probabaly 10x better than the Nintendo DS. However, the price is way too high and it has already been known to have the WORST LAUNCH ever. Unless Sony doesn't reduce the price, the PSP may dwindle with the rest such as N-Gage, NeoGeo Pocket, etc.


Here is an interesting topic to read about this.


Do note that by the time the PSP was sold in the US, in Japan it had already doubled the amount of units sold then the DS had. So it's launch really isn't that bad.

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american launches are always full of mishaps. and never as good as the japanese launch. exept in the case of the xbox who's american launch outshined it's jap launch for obvious reasons. the point is that the PSP has some good titles out the gate with more coming at a steady rate. the DS has been out for a good while already and there are still vary few titles worth playing and the real hot DS titles like metroid and advance wars ds are still a long way off.

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Sony launch was bad becos they can't produce enough units to meet the demand. They have, more or less, recover the losses since then.

PSP is the top selling console right now (check Magic Box statistic).


PSP launch in US fare better with more games and more issues iron out, i think :P

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ah the ds sold much better on launch... it was sold out for weeks and soon as the next shipment came in it was sold out again. every store ive been to has had atleast 40 psps and no one even is looking at them.


sales in units sold the ds has done much better...

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If the PSP can garner a really good selection of games within the first six months without alot of delays, which is looking the case, and they can maybe throw in a price drop of about 50 bucks, I may just end up buying one. The price is really the main issue holding me back right now though. I'll admit, it looks like the only handheld that can really do damage to Nintendo's grip on the handheld market.

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