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Ive finished it to a point im happy as with...except id like more games that arnt on my list if any are good..... it different from mamedOX 1.1 as screenshot showed I think. $HK is busy or just likes working on his build. I have been hard working on a complete package doing an installer that does what mamedOX did to mameOX making the xbox a complete media center / mame machine........ it finished now bar manuals and I must say it brilliant (vainity smurf).


Any help would be great id say new mame may come out with new package


First of all... your list of roms is actually bigger than the amount of games i own. So i don't think i can add more to your list.

Besides this... i don't know how i could help you further with your project.


I have actually a 50mb webspace (unlimited traffic)... in case you need it to release it. It wont be enough, but it could cover a part of the entire release :unsure:

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ummm I know you guys are into mame :unsure: but all installer like autoinstaller delux, slayer etc I find terrible for gen user..... this sounds vain but I set about a completely intergated installer and its 4 gigs with all of mame intergrated it..............and the finished result is great.....but it needs manuals forward thinkers to help it out :)

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by the way the installer isnt like others with all stuff from the net on it..........all packages are changed to make it easier to use, all the UI has been thought about like I did in mamedoX (you could say its just mameOX but is it really)....so dont think its just a collection of downloadable stuff cause it isnt. Its downloaded stuff all majorly overhauled for my own interface design

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