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Would you like fries with those breasts?

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Hamburger Honeys


Playboy Searches for McDonald's "Hamburger Honeys"

The website version of Playboy Magazine is set to run a pictorial called, "The Women of McDonald's" that features employees of the fast food chain posing in the nude. 

They are accepting applications for models right now. The employees could be anyone working at McDonalds, from cashiers working part time to corporate executives. They do need to prove they are over 18 and send a picture of themselves. 

Playboy has also run very successful pictorials of women from Enron, Home Depot, Starbuck and Wal-Mart. "[...] you don't think of their employees appearing in Playboy. That zig-zag mentality works very well," says Playboy.com editor John Thomas. 

  Source: money.cnn.com

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I don't think in all the years I've eaten at McDonalds, that I have seen ONE woman(over 18) working at McD's worthy of looking at in a playboy spread. Maybe it's just where I live, but most of the female employees that work in my local ones are usually of the over 50 variety. *shudders at the mental image*.

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