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OK Ebsy and I have greatly changed benderMAMEoX added new features and putting together a full package with all extras cheats hiscore etc


if you want part of the team to make a great MAMEoX let me know via PM as I say we need help and dont wish to fight with skills making different versions. Ebsy has already put in place many changes that have been asked for, so if you know about putting in drivers or changing interface or a little bit about c coding, or in general want to help let me know


Cheers guys hope to release MAMEdOX (work in progress name :) ) soon


list of feature left we wish to put in if possible


1) MAMEoX.72 for MK1 MK2 MK3 Rampage world tour NBA Jam and Narc or sound dissabled for these games both ways will make it play way faster


2).90 drivers


3) full romcenter clm dats


4) support for History.dat in UI not in game will kill mem


5) Command line support (XPort has written notes on this)


6) Amount of time played stats for games


please no questions about it unless are want to help it will be out soonish

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OK, I will do what I can to help. :)

Hostly I'd like to make my own build because I dont want some of the changes you made to MAMEoX (such as the VMM changes and.72 driver for MK) and my XBOX have 128m memory so my changes are for better use of it.

And I dont use any s roms in my neogeo drivers. Except for kof2003d I use the correct 1m s rom instead of the two 16m c roms (c5,c6) to save memory so that it dont need VMM.


I've already posted some compiling and coding skills in the forum to comunicate with the others, but no one cares :rolleyes:



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So can I make a request then? Can you update the cthd2k3n that Bender added? The P2 ROM that it needs is virtually impossible to find. I think it's just very outdated. I have searched dozens of cthd ROMS and they all had one of 2 CRCs for the P2 ROMS... and neither was the one Bender added.

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Hi Thraxen,


is it just a simple CRC change from a5bcf859 to eba65bda?


If so, consider it done. :clapping:


I've made some minor improvements to bendermameox with a lot of input from BritneysPAIRS. so any more features that are requested are welcome. I'm not expert programmer by any means, but I'll do my best.


HK I used your debug.log code, it's much appreciated. I'm also interested in the neogeo bios settings update you've made. Any chance I could have a look at that?.


Cheers all.


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HK I used your debug.log code, it's much appreciated. I'm also interested in the neogeo bios settings update you've made. Any chance I could have a look at that?.


It's not my code acctrully. It's taken form a previous version MAMEoX. I just found out what is causing the problem. :P I'm not a expert programmer neither but a compiler myself. So I need to comunicate with the others and share the skills.


For the neogeo bios settings update, my code is based on BenderMame0X. I just rewrote some code to let you press left or right to select previous or next bios, not only press A to select bioses one by one. And add some bioses support, and changed from "bios=13" to "NeogeoBios=13" in the ini file by editing the MAMEoXUnit.cpp file.

I think that's better. I think you can do it yourself. or I can post the code after I get home some day later. :P


In order to keep the xbe smaller to save memory, I dont add any bootleg or hack neogeo romsets.


BritneysPAIRS I will add your msn after get home aswell :banghead:

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there is quite a bit more in it than is mentioned here. Its up to Ebs to tell you.


Quick question will you guys want a large build 50 odd megs with all features EG highscores keymaps cheats and other stuff or just the a small build 10 megs or so and you compile all the other stuff we have fine tuned and compiled with combined experiences of the long term posters on xbox emulation.


Or a super version of about 120 megs that most top screenshots samples artwork etc plus all mentioned above (basically just add roms)

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britneysPAIRS: is it possible to implement a possibility to change certain rom titles


i would suggest working with some kind of xml file where customised titles could be put. when theres no customised title, the original rom title is used.


nevertheless i really appreciate the benderMAME(d)oX devs :P

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