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Id say the UI features (long over due to make sorting 4000plus games useable and pretty) will go in first and maybe in a short time....then we will call for help putting in new drivers.


But esby is launching into it at full steam :) hard to know where hes up to hour to hour, hes really doing a wonderfull job

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well mame 72 is an improvement for midway games with dcs compared to the latest, 71.b had the dcs sound hack which made those games a lot more playable.


you can grab the source to it from here as xbins doesn't have 71.b src: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.p...ackage_id=79947


Cheers for that Prican, I've downloaded it and had a quick poke around, but due to me being a complete noob at this kind of thing (ie programming!) it's a little harder than I first anticipated. Could I just overwrite the.84 files that deal with midway games (ie. dcs.c dcs.h midyunit.c midyunit.h etc.) with the 71.b files or is there a better way of doing it? (sorry if this is a silly question btw)



I don't make requests very often, but I have one. Would it be possible to add the SPI update from the newest mame source? It decrypts the Raiden Fighters 2 graphics!! If it's not possible, it's all cool. Thanks for all of your hard work!


I was reading about the update today, I'm a big shmup fan and I wanted to get Raiden Fighters 2 to work, so I'll definitely have a go. I also wanted to include the drivers for Super Trio, just for the pure reason that I like the look of it :)


Obviously I can't promise anything though. I wish I could, but it's a whole new learning curve for me. I'm learning more about the code every day.


Cheers for the kind words BritneysPAIRS. I appreciate it.


I'll keep you updated ;)...


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awesome Ebsy!!!


I just want to throw this out there...have any of you noticed that V-sync problem? like if the screen is mooving very fast and you can see that V-sync is not really working...there is a "tear" in the screen....i think we can fix this...


somewhere in the mameox source there is a setting for "refresh" rate for all games...globally


this needs to be hard coded to 15.7khz it is set at 31khz right now because it was a pc port (VGA monitors have 31k refresh rate) and the people wo ported it forgot to adjust it to the xbox's settings...the xbox always outputs 15.7khz unless you are using a VGA bios then you are outputting 31khz for a VGA monitor....but mameox is not for pc!!! and that is why you see the tearing effect...its not V-sync'ing correctly


so if you see refresh rate settings we can hard code it to 15.7khz and the tearing will go away and mameox will look better than fbaxxx :P

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VSync has never worked properly in MAMEoX so it would be nice if something could be done to make work like MAME-X..


It would also be great to have the option of using the Simple2x graphics filter instead of/as well as the AdvanceMAME2x one for that authentic look.

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advancemame2x looks clearer on the arcade machine...

Yes but it creates an ugly edge-smoothing effect (which I know some ppl like) and also slows things down alot. Simple2x is just as sharp, but creates a look more true to the original display with only a negligable (if any) effect on performance.

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