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eXeem launched


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Also, eXeem sucks..oh its true...its damn true... :P

Kurt Angle wannabe. :lol:


:P You better recognize the skills before I lay the smackdown on your candy a$$....If you can smell lalalalalala what the Rock is cooking.... :P

You can't see me.

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Exeem is a nice idea, but I don't see it doing well at all.

Also, this beta (which seems more like an alpha to me) makes my processor usage shoot up to 99%!

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eXeem Lite > eXeem ?


I really dun think it sucks, it's just off to a bad start AND it wasn't hyped enough IMO...

eXeem Lite hasn't got that controversial Cydoor ad thingamajig, so yes.

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I am not going to use it for now.. Its slow on the download and they stop and what Makes things worse there are viruses as well The normal bittorrent works much better in fact so does kazaa.


So I will wait untill its out of beta stage.

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