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Mame 0.90u2 Update !


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Fixed colours in Battle City [Roberto Gandola]


Slight change to the Arcadia Driver [Nathan Woods]




- Refactors code specific to the Arcadia arcade system and the Amiga

computer out of src/machine/amiga.c into callbacks.  This allowed me to

get rid of all #ifdef MESS code out of src/machine/amiga.c


ST-V updates [Angelo Salese]

-Fixed a bug with the VDP-1 ram reading,

  SH-2 can do byte or word access, it's implicit that can't do long word access.

  This fixes the Steep Slope Sliders booting so the game now works.

-VDP-1 PTM's "draw by request" was actually causing sprites to flicker in

  kiwames,reversed back to old implementation until I or somebody else understand

  what the current issue is (clear_framebuffer?)

-Finished the game header update,let me know if you like/don't like the system

  used for the description of the games.

-fixed a ST-V visible area incorrectness which was causing Virtual Mahjong 2 to

  crash after the sound ram check

-fixed a window effect bug in Double-density interlace mode,this fixes some

  graphics in vmahjong & myfairld.

-Guessed a bitmap positioning issue in double-density interlace mode,this fixes

  the NBG1 positioning in myfairld.

-My Fair Lady now works but only with sound disabled.I have not removed the

  NOT_WORKING status due to that.


New Sound Functionality [Derrick Renaud]

Took Frank Palazzolo's DISCRETE_FILTER2 code and made it work outside of the

discrete system.

See sound\filter.h for new functions.


Added op-amp bandpass filtering circuit to sound\namco54.c


Game Driver Changes

* bosco, galaga, polepos, xevious - added proper filters to new Namco54 noise



Fixed Priority bug in Kid Niki and fixed crash on last level [Nicola Salmoria]


Fixed Priority in Lot Lot [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]


Decrypted Sukeban Jansi Ryuko [Nicola Salmoria]


ARM7 CPU core [steve Ellenoff]


G65816 CPU core patch [Nathan Woods]






- Cleaned up the code a bit; make some functions static and added

step over/out support to the disassembler.


fixed 6809dasm.c compile warning [Hans de Goede]


Model 3 Updates [Ville Linde]

PowerPC core:

- Better interrupt handling.  Nested interrupts work properly.

- Some support for PPC602

- Major bugfixes

- Added some unimplemented opcodes


53c810 SCSI:

- Fixed single-stepping mode DMA

- Added memory moves and DMA callback


Model 3:

- Added Epson RTC-72421 emulation

- Preliminary polygon emulation

- Preliminary (not working yet) sound emulation

- Too much to list :)  Most Step 1.x games show

something now, up to and including full 3D.


Fixed multiple port recording [Chad Hurwitz]


Fixed several compile warnings [Lawrence Gold]


upgraded to zlib 1.2.2 [santeri Saarimaa]


added unused proms to Crystal Castles [santeri Saarimaa]


New Games / Clones supported or promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING status:



Winning Spike (EAA version)  [Fabrice Arzeno]


(maybe others as some of the Model 3 games such as vs215 work quite well)

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