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Hip-Hop Urban Based MMO


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Atlanta, Georgia. - January 10 th, 2005 – DJ Pooh “a.k.a Mark Jordan” the writer of the critically acclaimed movie  Friday ™ and the mega-successful video game  Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas™ has joined the 404 Gaming team as Senior Executive Writer. DJ Pooh will be creating the many stories that will define the Hip-Hop Urban based MMO 404 Gaming is currently developing. Pooh brings his many years of Urban story telling talents to the cutting edge team and technology that is 404 Gaming. For more information visit http://www.404Gaming.com.



No pictures or any media yet but this just sounds too funny. It's going to be inhabited bit ghetto talking morons. Muahaa!

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wat da flock is a MMO?

Massively multiplayer online

I bet most of the ppl playing will be super skinny white guys who look like Bill Gates

that's just what I was thinking, a bunch of suburban wigga's prettending to be nino brown............

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