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d c top 5!!

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Dreamcast was a great creation!!

And some of the games were purly awsome"!!!


Ok here goes.


1]Power stone [loooove youuuu]

2] Soul caliber

3] code veronica resi

4] MSR YA!

5]Marvel v capcome [i think it was that]

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I can't choose only 5 so I did 10 and In no particular order


1. Grandia 2

2. Crazy Taxi

3. Jet Set Radio

4. Skies of Arcadia

5. Virtua Tennis

6. Rez

7. Headhunter

8. Seaman

9. Typing of the dead

10. Street Fighter 3 Third Strike


To be honest though I could name 100 brilliant Dreamcast games. The system is/(was :P) that good.

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One thing i know for sure...you think saturn is rare? [saturn stuff]

Wit a few years and people will be yelling out for it...

Im gettign one again just for collection purposes...

those darn VMS are gonna be gold dust soon

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Alright my top 10 Dreamcast games are:


1. Capcom vs. SNK 2

2. Marvel vs. Capcom 2

3. Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

4. Sonic Adventure 2

5. Resident Evil: Code Veronica

6. Ecco the Dolphin (Hey, it was a good game!)

7. Street Fighter Alpha 3

8. Capcom vs. SNK Pro

9. Sonic Adventure

10. Street Fighter III: Double Impact


My top 10 Saturn games are:


1. X-Men vs. Street Fighter

2. Street Fighter Alpha 2

3. Street Fighter Zero 3

4. Street Fighter Collection

5. Marvel Superheros vs. Street Fighter

6. Panzer Dragoon Zwei

7. Street Fighter Alpha

8. Street Fighter Collection 2

9. Sonic Jam

10. Marvel Superheros

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