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[12/21/04] Star Wars: Battlefront

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YAY! My First Review!!


Game: Star Wars Battle Front

Genre: First/Thrid Person Shooter

System: PC PS2 Xbox

Released: September 21, 2004

Space Needed To Install: 2.9GB



Computer Required

100% DirectX 9.0c compatible computer

CPU Required

Intel P3 1.0GHz or AMD Athlon 1000MHz


Intel P4 2.0GHz or AMD AthlonXP 2400+


Memory Required





Graphics Card Required

64MB 3D Graphics card w/Hardware Transform & Lighting (T&L) Capability


128MB 3D Graphics card w/Hardware Vertex & Pixel Shader (VS/PS) Capability


Sound Card Required

100% DirectX 9.0c compatible soundcard


CD-ROM Required

8X Speed CD-ROM drive


16X Speed CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive


Input Device Required

Keyboard & Mouse



Joystick & Gamepad

Multiplayer Support

Internet/LAN: Supports 2 - 32 players

Dedicated Server

2.4GHz or faster CPU recommended for Dedicated Server

Internet Connectivity for Multiplayer

DSL, Cable, or faster connection



Ok, After Grabing A Copy I Decided To Install The Game On My Crappy Computer:

1.3 GHZ

256MB Ram

64MB Video

And With That Kind Of System, Some Of The Maps Are Slow.



If You've Watched All The Starwars Movies So Far, Then You Already Know The Plot, And The Game Is Just The Battles In The Movies, Like The "Clone Wars" And The "Galactic Civil War" Campain. In The Campains You Cant Pick Your Teams, So Thats Why You Pick "Instant Battle" Play ANY Map With Eaither Team, And You Can Swtich During The Game.



Well, First Of All The Game Looks And Feels Like "Battlefield 1942" So If You Want To Play This Game Because Of The AI, You Better Play In Hard Mode. Mainly Because In Easy And Normal Mode The AI SUX. For Example, The Enamy Doesnt Care If Your Right In Front Of Them(Most Of The Tyme) They Only Attack Back When You Attack Them. But There Are Some Of Them That Attack You First So Dont Think That They're All Dumbasses. Plus Your Teammate Are Also Sort Of Dumb, For Example When Your In A Map That Have A Small Hallway Sort Of Place, And There Are Emanies Are On the Other Side, Your Teamates WILL Block Your Shots And Will Not Shoot Until They Literally See The White In The Other Teams Eyes In Addition When They Get Hit They Just Let You Get Hit. And No Matter Which Map You Play, There Is A Shitload Of Bots. Oh, And This Is Another One Of Those Games When You Do Almost Everything For Your Team, But If You Dont Do Much, Your Sure To Lose.


A Real Fun Feature In This Game Is The Rolling, just In Case You See A Grenade Land In Front Of You, Just Roll Out Of The Way Of THe Blast And Dont Take Any Damage.


Sadly After That Manuver, I Got Shot And I Died.


There Are 2 View You Can Choose From, Third Person And First Preson. You Can Swich Off By Pressing "Q". This Comes In Handy When Using Vehicles Or Looking Around Corners



The Maps Are Pretty Large Like In BattleField 1942 And When You Travel Too Far You Just Simply Die. Real Simple, Right?



I Personally Loved The Vehicles Features, Here Are Some Reasons:

You Can Fly An X-Wing



Or Be Like Vader:



And No Need To Switch Teams, Just Steal And Empty One. In Addition To The Planes There Are Also AT-AT's, AT-AT's, Speeder Bikes, And A Few More.

The Weapons Are Extreamly Strange, I Mean, Why Do ALL The Weapons Have Scopes? I Just Find That Strange. But How Fun Would I Be To Be One Of These:


Their Blasters Are Great But Become Inacurate, But The Shields Come In Handy Most Of The Tymes And Dont Try To Walk Long Distances With These, Roll. There Are Other Weapons And Charactors Who Have Their Own Special Advantages. The Reload Tymes Is Fine Except When It Comes To Sniper Rifles, The Tymes Between Shots Is Just Too Long So D NOT Just That As A Close Range Weapons Unless Your Good At Head Shots, Plus Most Of the Tymes The Head Shots Dont Work Correctly.



I Havent Played Online Yet, But I Bet You Can See How It Can Be.


Overall I Loved The Game And Here are The Overall Stats:

Percentage: 85%

Grade: B


The AI Really Killed It


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Well I got it but haven't played it yet, but IGN gave it an 8.5 and I almost always go with them so. Isn't the upcoming Republic Commando an almost identical style to this? Strange if it is cause this hasn't been out very long.


This game goes so hard. I thought the repubilc commando trailer looked more like halo actually.

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Republic Commando is supposed to be a smaller scale I think.  In that, you're part of a small squad, where in this, you're part of an ARMY.  I could be wrong though.

Well, you're not wrong about this side of it. In Battlefront you are definitely part of an army. Sometimes Vader even jumps into the fight and starts slaughtering people. Great stuff.

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Republic Commando is supposed to be a smaller scale I think.  In that, you're part of a small squad, where in this, you're part of an ARMY.  I could be wrong though.


I checked out the republic commando demo, it's pretty decent. It's not halo or metriod prime but it's nice. What I like is that your squad is there to help, like there will be like holo gram thingys of your guys and you press the green button and one of you guy(s) will go and do whatever they are supposed to do like either snipe or put a demolitions charge on the door.

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