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Chankast Update


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This was posted by Garrofi, one of Chankast's authors, at Emutalk. They've been making good progress and the XBOX port should also be coming soon. This is certainly welcome news since last update was in July and it is also very exciting since it will be coming to XBOX and they will release the source and binaries. Props to Team Chanka for their continued efforts.

About our missing in action. Chankast has been a very stressful project, it needed a lot of time to get it working. We did an incredible work to get the first release working in only 3 months, it was a full time work. After the 0.25 release I didn't feel like doing chankast again so I took a long break, but we have been improving a lot of things in that time.


The emu is faster and need less memory to work, an early xbox version is working, it's great to see shenmue 1 on xbox , the sound is better,...


About the future, we are thinking about releasing the source code and a binary with the latest changes.




>>Source: http://www.emutalk.net/showthread.php?t=25075

>>Chankast Homepage: http://www.chanka.org/

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Damn What A Bad Tyme To Unistall My Windows And flock Up My Paths, And Delate All My DC Games, Owell Better Get Chankast And Some Games Now. And Thx For The Info.


EDIT: Oh Woops I Didnt See That It Was Released For The Xbox Port, I Need An Xbaox.

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