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What did you play most recently?


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Arms and Fury warriors are quite popular now, there are other options for tanks, so there's not the terrible shortage there once was.


At level 18 the Barrens and Stonetalon are good place to level.


I remember goofing off in Booty Bay, too, though, did it all the time. I enjoyed killing the guards and then killing anyone walking by, just to be a jerk. I killed enough of the Bruisers that my rep with the Bloodsail Buccaneers was Friendly. They gave me a cool hat.


Just for the record, I had a level 60 Warlock and Shaman in classic, levelled a paladin to 70 in BC, hated it, sold the account, waited a few months, bought a new account, levelled a druid to 70, levelled a second shaman and a rogue to 70, and now have my 61 mage and a 58 warrior. Also have a 48 Dwarf rogue floating around, and a level 40 paladin.

Wow thats alot of time spent. I was on a friends account, so I only used 1 guy. Had my hands full though, helping people, or just plain destroying PVP. I miss it, but I didn't ever really burn myself out though... as it wasn't my game.

I catch Deviate Fish in the oasis in The Barrens. A 20 stack go for abit of gold. I'm trying to get the very ultra rare recipe to cook them that happens to have a .000000001% drop from anything and everything in The Barrens. Cooking them costs even more and all a cooked Deviate fish does is change your appearance to a ninja or pirate.

Well, deviate fish also make

Elixir of Giant Growth

Requires Level 8

Use: Your size is increased and your Strength goes up by 8 to match your new size.

Lasts 20 min. Battle Elixir.

Cooldown: 3 sec

I grow in size and strength when I drink it. Which I love because Im "big" and scary once I do so. Mixed with flame breath chili... lulz


you guys are gonna hate me but I'll be playing fallout3 in about 3 hours.

Yes... I hate you.


played Saints Row 2, Silent Hill: Homecoming and COD4. Saints Row look so ugly, heck it looks like it is a PS2 game, Silent Hill feels like Origins.


And is Fallout an FPS?

Kinda sorta, you have the option to play it in 3rd person. But yea... you get the idea... give it a look! The game... I highly anticipate, the old Fallout's were great.. but... this is done by Bethesda. But the videos look great, and they seem to have stuck with the roots. Dark humor and so on. I'm hoping they didn't ruin this game... Oblivion pissed me off. This game had better get it done...


Dude... why did you play Saints Row 2?!? Your fired!!!

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you guys are gonna hate me but I'll be playing fallout3 in about 3 hours.


Kinda but I'll be more annoyed cuz you'll come back and claim the game sucks cuz you saw a loading screen.

I've seen some loading screens......

but it's still good. :)

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I don't want to ruin it for anyone. but I will say I played for about 6 hours today. it's pretty rare I play anything that long anymore. and I'd be playing now but the wife is watching her shows. heheh.

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I really didn't play the first 2 a whole bunch, I have played them. it has the same gritty, post apocalyptic, brown feel. it does feel alot like Oblivian/morrowind. but in my eyes thats a good thing, I have over 350 hours between those 2 games easy.

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