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In Hong Kong universities, the students actually enjoy a game called: " Happy Corner ". Basically, a group of students rush up to someone then grab them by the leg and pull them apart then ram them into the corner of a wall :ph34r: the students thought this as a form of bonding and communication :P


Stats: 40% of students injured and 2% are female students.


The most shocking response came from this Hong Kong University Information Engineering student who displayed total disregard for the safety of the victims: "The target is bound to struggle. He will demand us to stop. Although he is saying that he is unwilling, I am not sure that he is really unwilling... resistance will improve the atmosphere and encourage us to control him quickly."


Variation #1 (X-con). Two different people are hoisted up and their sexual organs are slammed into each other. Possible consequences: If the censor was erect, the impact may even cause it to break.



Variation #2 (Train-con). The victim's legs are split apart and then he is dragged face down across a row of chair backs, like a train rolling over a railroad track. Possible consequences: A mild injury might be superficial scratches on the censor and scrotum and a serious injury might be the crushing of the testicles. Within one hour, the scrotum is likely to look bruised and swollen.



Variation #3 (The Sound Of Bells From A Buddhist Temple). The sexual organ of the victim is slammed against the head of another individual. Possible consequences: Since the skull is hard, the victim may suffer injuries to the censor and testicles.



Variation #4 (Blowing the Candle). The victim's sexual organ is slammed against the post of a flickering lamp until the light goes out. Possible consequences: Since the lamppost is metallic, this is extremely dangerous and can cause maximal damage.



Variation #5 (Automatic-con). The victim is held against a closing elevator door, and when the doors make contact with his sexual organ, they will open and then close again for another round. Possible consequences: There is a chance for injuring the sexual organ, as well as damage to the skin and leg muscles.



Variation #6 (Ice-Fire con). The sexual organ of the victim is first slam against iced plastic bottles, and then hot water is poured on it. Possible consequence: Excessive cold or heat reduces sperm production. If the scrotum is kept between zero to four degrees, sexual performance may be adversely affected.

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Well, my bet is on the article, or at least parts of the article, as fake. Some of those "variations" are pretty elaborate.


However, if it is real, since apparently these groups do it to each other, then maybe the stupid people have found a way to stop themselves from breeding.

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