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actually goose they are my 3d renders they are there to remind me of what i was doing,i have a really bad memory forget everythung like in 1 sec.

You a lightwave user I see.


Not a big fan of lightwave, but i've used it before. I'm more of a Maya/3ds man.

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well mine have sense and iam a messy guy i know,those shortcuts u see are either for a 3d modeling program,a 3d scene,a 3d render scene,burning program,some game sdk, or useless bittorrent stuff.not only lightwave(i hate it) 3ds max(i suck at)softimage xsi and 3d(i use these the most).and lightwave for show i guess cause i hate it.

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Anyway, as of last week, I use mostly these two (I use multiple desktops for various things, it's the numbers in the lower right):






The address bar on top of the first one slides in when you put your mouse on the top of the screen, keeps a history, and will open whatever you input in Firefox (or act as a Run line if you input something local). I guess I didn't have my mouse over it in the second one. It's just a conviniently placed windows toolbar.


And until last week I was using this: http://www.reapermini.com/goodies/desktops...Maiden_1280.jpg

and this: http://www.reapermini.com/goodies/desktops...Maiden_1280.jpg



Oh, and how do you guys make those cool thumbnail links?

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