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Whats a regular day for u?


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Well this was my schedule till this morning:


- Wake up at 7 AM. Listen to NPR while laying in bed then press snooze.

- Get out of bed at 7:20.


- Drive to school.

- Find a parking spot.

- Eat half of a Chocolate Chip Granola bar while walking to class. I'm usually always 5 minutes early to class.

- Try to take notes and not fall asleep.

- Fall asleep.

- Same process for each class.

- Eat other half of granola bar in Calculus.

- On Monday, Wednesday, Friday - Go home for lunch; On Tuesday, Thursday - I don't have a lunch break so I stay hungry or buy a Twix.

- Go to the lab and "work."

- Post here.

- Post some more.

- Check other forums and post.

- Go home.

- Do work.

- Talk to people on phone or AIM.

- Eat dinner.

- Work some more and talk to people on phone or AIM.

- Post here.

- Sleep usually between 1 AM - 2 AM.


Minus talking on AIM that's pretty much a typical day for me Gryph...

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i wake up at 6, and then make breakfast and get ready for work by 7:45 (until i go back to graveyard)


work until 3:45, go home change clothes


work out for 40 min


go on pc for a couple of hours


have dinner


hang out with -VIOLENCE-


get ready for bed


talk to my soon to be ex gf on the phone until get tired and fall asleep

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I actually forgot to put in the time I watch Seinfeld/Family Guy/stand up comedy but it's usually during the times when I am supposed to work.


On another note, I just woke up at 12:30 PM...HALF MY DAY IS WASTED!!!

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rofl u should have went to sleep earlier


I did, I went to bed before 1. I was extremely tired since I slept at 4 AM on Monday night so I barely got a 3 hour nap before my finals...that sucked.

Heh, you should really sleep more during finals week... Even I sleep more than 3 hours, no matter what I might face the next day.

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Gryph's day reminds me of mine..


-Wake up about a half hour before and pound snooze until 7. (10 on M/W/F)

-Wash up and throw on some clothes, head out to school.

-Park across the street because some biatch stole my parking permit at the beggining of the semester, and walk to class.

-Try to stay awake in class, unless it's tues/thurs morning Java, in which case I usually check 1emu, then head home.

-On Tues/Thurs, return to school at noon for one more class, then go back home.

-On any given day, it's between about 12:30 and 1:30 by now, and I usually eat lunch and check 1emu. Then, play some video games, do some homework, and hang out with my girlfriend, in varying proportion (depending largely on my girlfriend's schedule and the spitefulness of our teachers).

- At about 5/6, have dinner, often with girlfriend, then back to games/homework/girlfriend.

- If the girlfriend's around, the rest of my day is basically spent with her, until she goes home around 10-11. If not, it's more games/homework, along with chatting with buds on IM and occasionally starting some wack ass project like a website or something that will occupy the "games/homework" slot for a few days.

- I'll head to bed between 11 and 1 or 2, depending on what's going on. If I stay up late, it's usually because I'm playing a new game (HL2 recently) or catching a few episodes of Naruto before bed.


That's the usual weekday for me. Who really cares though? :lol:

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Well, heres my day.


6:00 A.M - 6:50 = Random order of waking up, eating a snack , taking a shower, waking my mother up to take me to the bus stop , going on the bus to go to school.


7:10 A.M - 7:20 = Depedning on traffic I arrive at school.


7:20 A.M - 7:35 = Chill with my hommies.


If its Monday or Wednsday


7:35 A.M - 10:00 = Try and stay awake in 2nd period while reading romeio and juliet.


10:00 A.M - 12:40 P.M = Computer class and lunch, usually post here sometimes before I play FPS games with other classmates, of course we finish the C++ projects first tho.


12:40 P.M - 2:30 = German class is fun, sometimes.


If its Tuesday or Thursday or Friday


7:35 A.M - 2:30 P.M = School sucks this days, so , I just try and stay awake.


2:30 P.M - 3:30 P.M = Chill with homies from the morning, waiting for the godamn lame bus.


Scheduale here is the same from here on.


3:30 P.M - 10:00 = Ethier, chill with the same friends , playing Halo or doing stupid crap like... aint going to tell you. That or come home and play Halo a while, eat something, and get on my computer downloading bs for the rest of the night.


10:00 P.M - 12:00 A.M = Stay awake on the computer and fall asleep at the end.


This is it for Monday - Friday, saturday is completly different and so is Sunday, if you have something against my bedtime, deal with it, my teachers do.

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