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Attack System


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We're all back now since GameCop fixed the error. It resurrected all of us.


Ok, now that we're all alive again, what happens when we die?


And furthermore, how do we know who attacked us?


Each attack expires. Suppose I attack you and take 25 HP off, after certain amount of time you'll get it back.

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well it should only be gambling a small amount like 1-10 and get up to 1-20 in rewards


so ppl don't get lucky and get 10000 thingies


Also it should be like only 50 times of gambling

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that'll be great for people that doesn't post and since u only get reward small amount then that's good too

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u know the limited attacks u get that stop spamming atack well how do we get more attack? every other lvl or some thing else

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