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Camden, NJ is most dangerous city

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Camden, N.J., named most-dangerous city

Detroit relinquishes title just days after NBA meleeThe Associated Press

Updated: 5:31 a.m. ET Nov. 22, 2004


TRENTON, N.J. - Camden has been named the nation’s most-dangerous city, snatching the top spot from Detroit, according to a company’s annual ranking based on crime statistics.


Officials in Camden, which was ranked third last year, downplayed the dubious designation Sunday, saying many steps have already been taken to reduce crime in the city.


“We must give our people jobs, training and opportunity,” said City Councilman Ali Sloan-El, who pointed out that Camden’s poverty is an important contributing factor to its high crime rate.


Atlanta, St. Louis and Gary, Ind. rounded out the top five in the most dangerous city rankings, which was to be released Monday by Morgan Quitno Corp. The company publishes “City Crime Rankings,” an annual reference book that will be published next month. Detroit fell to second in this year’s list.


However, company president Scott Morgan told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in its Sunday edition that he had been unaware that St. Louis police omitted 5,760 crimes from their 2003 crime data. Provided with the correct data, Morgan found that St. Louis would have switched places with Atlanta.


The news wasn’t all bleak for New Jersey. The state’s Brick Township was rated the second-safest city for the third straight year, behind only Newton, Mass., while the Garden State’s Dover Township was ranked tenth. The other communities in the top five were Amherst, N.Y., which had been ranked as the safest city for the past four years, followed by Mission Viejo, Calif., and Clarkstown, N.Y.


The rankings look at the rate for six crime categories: Murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary and auto theft. It compares 350 cities with populations of 75,000 or more that reported crime data to the FBI. Final 2003 statistics, released by the FBI in October, were used to determine the rankings.



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Heh, St. Louis is pretty dangerous. When I was there for my summer program the people told us to never go to East St. Louis, and if we did we were told to stay on the Metro till the absolute end which is at an Air Force base.

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Meh.. at least Baltimore is improving, we're no longer in the top 3...


What i think is sad is how the violence and crime becomes a normal way of life for most people living in it. 2 years ago everyone was upset because of the deaths from Beltway sniper near (not in) Baltimore, but 5 people get killed every day in East Baltimore and nobody bats an eye.



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