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Wireless internet sucks.


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so is the non wireless router better?/ bc my comp and my sis comp is right next to each other.


y not jus get a splitter for the cable, no need for wireless if the pc.s are next to each other


wireless saves the hassle of dealing with wires all over the place..

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another question gryph or anybody else, how does the splitter cable work compared to the router? so if I get the cable splitter, would I have the same internet speed as the computer that is directly connected to the cable modem?.


and also could anybody recommend me on getting a good cable splitter? thanks.

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I don't think wirelss internet is that bad. Sure it may occasionally go down (like when I'm piggybacking off someone else) but the speed is decent and streaming works well too. That's why I'm getting a laptop...for the free wireless lan at home and school. :banghead:

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