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This'll sound familiar

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Meh. so complicated...


I use the Kawaks 1.48 DEV romset with 6 C and 1 V roms. I've actually never seen it on the net, i found the 8C and 4V MAME set and patched it.


Unfortunately under teh new rules i cant post the link to the patches, but *hint**hint* search old threads and it might turn up.



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I usually use the hacked p1 that says: "protections removed by zhaosili".

CRC: 8740E1A5

This one will play on any emulator (except maybe NRX).

The kof2003b P rom i use in NRX does not have that :)



No, not that romset. :lol:

Then you have kof2003b :) Kof2003 is the non bootleg version.


Still waiting on the MVS version of kof2003 though.

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The kof2003b P rom i use in NRX does not have that :lol:

Mine does not have it either. It did before though.


Do you have the MVS version of svc ?

I have the bootleg that I've fixed in various ways.

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Can I See Your Crc? After That We'd Might Be Able To Help You Al Ot More.


alright, I have time now. here they are


271-c1d.rom = E24FC226

271-c2d.rom = 1B5E3B58

271-c3d.rom = D334FDD9

271-c4d.rom = 0D457699

271-c5d.rom = 8A91AAE4

271-c6d.rom = 9F8674B8

271-c7d.rom = 374EA523

271-c8d.rom = 72511F4D


271-m1d.bin = 0E86AF8F


271-p1.bin = 92ED6EE3

271-p2.bin = 5D3D8BB3


271-s1.rom = C47F8AC3


271-v1d.rom = D2B8AA5E

271-v2d.rom = 71956EE2

271-v3d.rom = DDBBB199

271-v4d.rom = 01B90C4F


...flock that made my head hurt... I tip my hat to you guys, I can barely look at that without contracting a headache.


I think that this set may have too many renaming issues still to be playable at the moment. I'll try some of the other emulators (thankyou guys) but like I just said it doesn't look like it's playable yet. what can I do w/ this? reply asap, thankyou much~

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I HAve That Rom, I Even Have The Emulator For It, Contact Me Over Aim Some Tymes So I Can Get It To Ya.


EDIT: Oh Yea Thats The MAME Rom

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System: Neo

RomName: kof2k3nd

Game: The King Of Fighters (w/ Bosses and Infinity symbol fixxed)



































CartridgeID: 271

GfxCrypt: 0

GfxKey: 0

ButLayout: 9

Fix: 0

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