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This'll sound familiar

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well, the timebomb has gone off again (my computer). I crashed one more bloody time and I started again romless. I've been rebuilding and I did manage to get a copy of KOF 2003, just could use some direction as to where to go to get an EMU that runs it. I remember this site called neogamez or something like that that was spanish and had a hack of NRX that ran it. if anybody has the url or any useful url for that matter it'd be cool. thanks.

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mmm...winkawaks1.48dev runs it, aswell as mame32(*modified*). Can't quite remember where i got those.....



ahh I see. well alright, I've got a copy of KOF 2003 where the roms look somethin liikkkee....




should I change rom names for dev to detect it or come back later w/ the CRC numbers? I don't actually have time right now, I've gotta get out so I'll be posting again.


PS: didn't really mention that I just downloaded 1.48 dev so yeah.

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