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Ur New Years Resolution?


Whats ur new years resolution?  

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a number of things. id have to say :


1-download the full rom sets for N64, SNES, Geneisis and Mame.

2-play the hell out of my new gamecube, which i will be getting in like 2 days or so

3-try to balance my time better between here(EmulForums), work, a social life, and SWG(Star Wars Galaxies, which comes out in 3 months)

4-sleep more(this one is the most far fetched of the 4)



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stop smokeing


did you know thats the most popular new years resolution of all? it's also the one mostly not kept or seen through. sorry if i dashed your hopes emsley. :oops:

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- less time on the internet, more concerntration on my skool assignments

- update computer programs (out with the old, in with the new)

- more time to study than post in phorums

- hmm thats about it

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