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  1. Good to see you around with this new release, i'll take look right now. Merry Xmas, Enjoy the hollydays and happy gaming to all.
  2. Does exist some way to map the rotary controller function from the CPS1 Game "lost worlds/forgotten worlds" ? Sadly, that really ruins the gameplay. Any ideas how to do it ? Or maybe this isn't possible with FBAxxx. Besides, FBA-XXX remain the greatest emulator for xbox, many thanks.
  3. Hi there, it seems this emu abandonned for a long time, anyway it did works for me wery well (i only use it with Dragon's lair 1 roms and his frame file)... No big deal, it works since the first time i try it, so i didnt look further in it. My xbox is 1.4 with flashed Tsop. What is exactly your problem, do you put each file (video-rom-framefile) in their respective folder ? wich version do you use ?
  4. Greetings, First things i wanna try was Gain ground and crack down, still loving it. I know there still plenty of other things to bring among mameox stuff but prefering to ask if there's any hopes to see system 24 driver integrate a future release ? How difficult would it be ? Wish i could be smart enough to do it by myself mff just daydreaming... Anyway Large Up many many thanks for this great update !
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