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  1. You mean the basic packet sniffer? You aren't meant to get a WEP key with that. Forget about using the DS for breaking WEP, it's never going to be practical.
  2. Try out MightyMax's liblobby. It works without an AP. Best to use an SVN client to download it. svn:// DS to DS communcation tests: http://forum.gbadev.org/viewtopic.php?t=14198
  3. It's a capture (log) of network data, in this case wireless network data. Currently there is no application to capture that data on a DS and even if there was, it would be limited to networks that run at 2mbit. At the moment you need to capture that data on a notebook or PDA and if you were doing that, you might as well run aircrack on the notebook/PDA since it would be faster. Right now, Aircrack DS has no practical use.
  4. The wifi config screen is added to each game. It's stored on the DS card.
  5. I don't think you can tell by that test but I don't have a new DS Lite to test. My DS Lite has old wifi hardware and the screens go purple.
  6. The source code to v0.6 hasn't been released, so only the original author can recompile it. He did release source to some older versions but they would require work to recompile and well they are older versoins.
  7. Recent DS Lites have different wifi hardware and won't work with apps compiled with wifilib older than 0.3c (0.3d is current). If you just want to find access points, you can use http://akkit.org/dswifi/wifi_lib_test.nds. DS2Key won't work on your DS until it has been recompiled.
  8. Usually if you can't install the Windows driver then it's not compatible. There are multiple revisions of that card and not all of them have ralink chipset. If you are positive it has the right chipset then try different ways of installing the drivers, perhaps let Windows install it's own drivers and then go to device manager and choose update driver.
  9. It's possible. Most login pages would require https/SSL, so it needs a bit more than a basic browser. A decent homebrew web browser will be made eventually. For now, you can try the text only web browser Retawk in dslinux. Some hotspots only allow connections to servers on common ports like 80, 21 and maybe 6667. So even after logging in, you may not be able to use the non standard apps anyway. Some of the wi-fi apps use a lot of the DS resources and would be pushing it to add a background web browser but depending on the hotspot, you may only have to run the browser every 45 minutes or whatever their session time is set to.
  10. Most of us assumed you already had a way to run homebrew. You will need to buy some homebrew capable hardware that connects to your DS. I just read the win2ds readme file and I can see how it could sound like you don't need any hardware for your DS, it's not the best written readme but you would have to ignore or not understand this line "You will need a DS that is able to run homebrew code in order to use this."
  11. That shouldn't be put in the lib. It would go in an application. I might add saving support to the test app but don't have time right now.
  12. It's a problem with m3adapter.com. They don't have the latest update there anyway. The latest I found was M3 firmware 22d
  13. DS to DS isn't supported yet, a router would need to be in between. Binaries have been sent to the DS, there is a HTTP downloader out there and bafio's UDP download client.
  14. Works well here, I like the new interface. Just two suggestions: * Make the wifi light flashing optional * Allow server IP to be changed using only the d-pad. 754boy, what router do you have?
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