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  1. Hello, i've set W_RXFILTER (0x80D0) to 0xFFFF. Now i seem to receive all packets if my access point is configured to not use security. But once i enable WEP on my AP, i only capture beacons again. So I think it may be the "DS hardware WEP engine" that prevents the lib from getting the "raw no decryptable by hardware" packets. I tried to disable it (0x0032 set to 0x0000), but this doesn't change anything. am i missing something for disabling totally the hardware WEP engine ? do you think i am on the "good way" ? Thank you.
  2. if ptw attack can find it from the cap file you provide, yes.
  3. Hello, i'm trying to capture packets the same way it's done ds_wifi_lib_test : Wifi_EnableWifi(); Wifi_SetChannel(3); //my AP channel Wifi_RawSetPacketHandler(PacketCaptureHandler); Wifi_SetPromiscuousMode(1); (i tried with auto TX Rate, then forced to 1 and 2 mbps : always same result) my problems are : 1. the DS captures on all channels (i see packes from AP on other channels, and mine too of course) 2. the DS doesn't capture my AP arp requests (the one i send with my connected PC) : it only captures beacon frames any ideas for these behaviours ? (especially the 2 ! i can easily filter the 1). Thank you. edit: same pb with 0.3.1 and 0.3.2
  4. i wrote an aircrack port (only cracks a cap file with ptw method). It works (a bit slower than with the PC). more details here or direct link. dldi patch aircrackDS.nds, launch, it will try to fin key from /ptw.cap now i'll try to implement the dump (and play) part, which will be more difficult (i think i'll spend some time here !). I'll start to read the source from ds_wifi_lib_test for the capture part. Anyone has seen source code using rawpacket functions (imight need to use them) ?
  5. i can't find it, can you give the link or homebrew name ?
  6. Hi, do you think it would be possible to port aircrack on ds ? do you see general problems ? in details, how each part could be easy or problematic to port ? - aircrack (maybe the need for a big amount of ram ?) - airodump (i think we can set promiscous mode in dswifi ? is it enough to "start" ?) - aireplay (can this be done with dswifi raw packets ?) i don't really know how aircrack runs "internally", maybe some of you have already thought about it ? thanks for your answers, or just thoughts
  7. You're right Magin !!! I made the change, recompiled (with original makefile : without -O0 of course) the dswifi lib then the wifilibtest and it works perfectly ! Very impressive ! i hope the dswifi lib will be released with taht change so many non open-source homebrews will work for everyone ! Congratualtions !
  8. thank you very much for your explanations Magin ! i succeeded in compiling the wifi lib with -O0. The difficult part was for homebrew : dsftp uses an old ipc.h version (with a structure that has changed)...so i gave up.... ...and i succeeded in compiling the wifi_lib_test ! (it was not working too)...and now it works perfectly ! (and even better than DSOrganize : it doesn't hang after the "wifi game initialization" + "soft reset") so bad ndsmail or beuplive aren't open-source... thank you ! (and sorry for my english too...i'm french)
  9. i'd like to try...the only sources i have (except dsorganize....which works....why ?) are DSFTP 2.4.1, any help would be appreciated (i have installed last devkitpro, so i guess the r20 for arm), but i don't know where to write the -o0 option, and i have several errors on file /arm7/source/main.c if i just type "make" on command line.
  10. I'm a new user (i bought my ds lite 5 days ago). i use a r4. - mario kart, tetris, work perfectly (wep, dhcp) here's my experience with ds wifi with last homebrew versions : - wep never works 1. "on boot" (i navigate to r4 browser and choose the right nds) - dsorganize 2.7 : works ! - all others (dsftp, beup, ndsmail, liveweather, wifichat, wifi lib test) : don't work. wifi lib test can't "see" anything 2. "on soft reset" after intializing wifi in a game (i test the connection in the game then the r4 allow me to press L+R+A+B+X+Y to softly reboot my ds, which seem not ro reinit the wifi) - dsorganize 2.7 : hangs ! (completely, the timer is stopped) - all others (same list) : work perfectly ! so i guess it's a just an initialization problem of wifi in homebrews (or in the lib ?)...well i'd rather all homebrews work like dsorganize for init.... i hope this may help experts to find the problem ! just another question, about the control panel for wifi we see in games : is it added in each game that have wifi support ? or is it a kind of ds-build-in application that is called from games (and so may eventually be called by homebrews !)
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