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  1. Vegetable

    DS2Key 0.4

    Program is great, when it works. Everything has to be in absolutely optimal condition for it to even send a signal to the computer through DS2Key, and even then it often doesn't work. I'm waiting for the next iteration when this is fixed. I don't recall any of this crap happening with the non-GUI version.
  2. Wow, had no idea SG had such a mean streak in him.
  3. Actually I'm considering it. I'd rather a SuperCard SD because they're cheaper, but I don't know if they have some problems with running movies.
  4. Alright, I'll try that. Do I need to have the DS set to the DNS and Gateway of the remote computer, or the one I'm connecting through?
  5. Actually what I want to know is how to do it, not whether it's possible, but thanks for your time.
  6. If so, how? I want to use this on the computer of a friend of mine. I've tried numerous ways of setting things up, but it just won't work. Anyone know how to do it?
  7. Faked. Easily possible by taking a screenshot of the game running in an emulator, cropping it to 256x192, and then placing it in an image viewer on the DS. Also see the lack of Point texture filtering. An obvious sign of a fake.
  8. The MP3/Movie/NSF/Image viewer for DS, quite a handy application, but the 30 MB limit for use with non-memory stick carts is annoying. What are your thoughts?
  9. Nevermind, latest version works for me.
  10. I'm trying it but it just keeps closing itself. Yeah this program is doing absolutely nothing. I haven't seen any others.
  11. You mean older versions of DS2Key? I'll give it a go.
  12. Yep, I'm receiving stuff like this: /bl1
  13. I've done that. This is what the settings are on the DS: IP Address Gateway Subnet Mask DNS And on the PC IP Address Subnet Mask DNS
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