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The red mage =WORKING TITLE"



“The magistrate will be very unhappy about this...turn of events... surely you don’t have anymore...ah merchandise for me Docket?” The crooked looking merchant ground his yellow tar stained teeth at the envoy with mocking malice. “I told yer we don’t usually get that Kind of Cargo! It’s considered a crime to harbor that kind of thing here! You tell yer magistrate he can find his own damned women! We’re merchants dammit! Not slavers or pimps!” The envoy fumed but to this he could do nothing. This was very last minute and, the ugly merchant was right. The law forbids the trafficking of slaves on this continent. Annyya was governed a lot differently than from the dark continent so far to the east. “Right well thank you anyway. I suppose . . . if you should hear A..” The man gave him a scowl and with that Jahi bid him farewell. “Well this is just choice! He told me to find him an attractive exotic looking girl . . . the magistrate is not making this easy.”


“You’re looking for a women love?” Alarmed jahi turned around (with his hand at his sword belt) who are you? "He said" well now handsome . . . all ready to hurt me with your swift and strong sword huh? Most people see a beautiful woman and . . . well they say things like" oh my! Miss would you like a drink?" or something of that lot. "Jahi's jaw dropped at how entrancing this woman was. Mostly due to the etire she was wearing. A plain brown shirts that did nothing to hide her chest at all. Black tight trousers that looked glued to her skin and the most awkward looking piece of apparel . . . a very fancy looking red hat with a long white feather protruding from the top." You can stop staring now . . . I gave you a good couple of seconds to take it all in. "Jai straightened himself out and took the young ladies hand in his" I am truly sorry miss! My manners left me when I saw . . . well you. Forgive? "Jai kissed her hand gently, practically grinning because of his unexpected luck!" So you know that my master wishes for some company than . . . Im not sure if you understand he’s not looking to have much of a conversation . . . ahem. "He hoped she read between the lines little on that exchange" Mister envoy . . . do I look like a little naive girl to you?" the young women smiled. "It’s a warm bed, food and drink for the night yes? I think I’ve done more for less in the past . . . where do I sign hmm? "Stunned Jai gave her all info she needed to make it to the magistrates new keep.” Well than we will see you around this evening? Maybe in a couple of hours? The magistrate will be so pleased that you accepted his . . . invitation miss . . . ah I did not catch your name! "The women with the red hat smiled a devilish smile and looked at Jai with her carefree yet very entrancing light blue eyes" my name is . . . Akiha. And you can tell your magistrate if he wants an early jump at my affection my he will do me a small favor. I simply cannot entertain in these tattered clothes! Maybe he can find me an outfit that him . . . and I might agree on perhaps? "Jai of course knew what she was getting at. He heard stories of how these forigeners from the other continent acted . . . the new magistrate and this woman were no exception" yes miss I understand . . . tell me though . . . any preferences I need to know about? "She smiled an even brighter smile this time at the envoy" the color red. it really love the color "Red" and with that Jai nodded and was on his way to prepare everything in order this evening.



He is gone young one. You can relax now. akiha let out a sign and her entire demeanor changed. Master "Ifrit. Are you sure that this is the same magistrate we are looking for? Akiha is . . . becoming very . . . bothered to say the least . . . and you said that as long as I was here I wouldn’t have to do anything but say a few words? So far you have me signed up as a whore for some dirty old noble! He’s not old at all he’s maybe the same age as you give or take a year and as for dirty he was awarded the honor of a knight at the age of 14. rapidly going through the ranks like no commoner has ever done. By the time he could drink he was a fully awarded captain with honors to cross from here to the dorkrah coast. The man is far from some dirty old man." "Right" she said. “but you still have me lined up as a prostitute! That fact sir is still very much very clear!” Akiha doesn’t like it either! She’s becoming . . . angry . . . its very hot and dark and I do not like it my lord! " ifitt made the best sighing sound he could inside of someone’s head before speaking. "That is what we want girl! If things go right neither of you will have to sleep with anyone and the bastard will be good and dead before the end of the night! We need to send a message back home and start the game! She nodded reluctantly and sighed. She knew that she had no control over this anyway. She could feel Akiha inside sad at how she was feeling. And also very very angry. We were close and while I did not know what their intentions were. The voice of Ifrit and the girl named Akiha were both very anticus to meet this magistrate. And here I was. Stuck in the middle.


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