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  1. Changes:

    - Adjusted PPU cold reset timing, fixes Time Lord.

    - Removed $4017.7 check for DMC IRQ, fixes Silent Service and Time Lord.

    - Added an option for preserving the window size and position after exit.

    - Added A12 hook for $2007(R/W).

    - Added a newer version of ZLib.

    - Fixed a window focus bug.

    - Fixed a window size on startup bug.

    - Fixed two minor APU save/load state bugs.

    - Fixed a minor PPU sprite overflow bug.

    - Corrected a VS palette entry, VS.Goonies looks better now.

    - Options in the machine section in the menu are now saved on exit.

    - Improved compatibility with DirectInput devices.

    »» Download/SF Project Page
  2. So, what is it you ask? Well its a lightweight and simple, yet fully customizable MOD player. Featuring skinsupport, so that you can make your own 100% custom MOD player! All your friends will be jealous as hell... thats guaranteed!


    I wrote a pretty big readme that i hope you all read before you try it out, as it tells you all there is to know about operation. The skin configfile also has explanations on how the commands work.


    Since this beauty doesnt work in emu (GBFS, that bastard!) i have no awesome pixel perfect screens to show off. Instead however, i took one with my digicam, it doesnt really do it justice, but hey, it'll do...



    # Plays good ol' MODs!

    # Custom skin support

    # Very easy to manage files


    Too-do List:

    [] Smoother fadein at boot.

    [] Smooth scrolling when holding down up/down on the pad.

    [] Use custom fontmap (if VRAM allows it.)

    [] Fix sscanf parserbug and make a bit more dynamic parsercode.

    [] Add more options too the configfile

    [] Add support for.raw in filesystem (?)



    »» Homepage

    »» Download


    *Apologies for the late news. :D

  3. The reason why most accessory controllers fail is because of the fact they are only for one or two games. By making it a standard controller for all of their games it should do better then the accessory controllers in the past.


    I can play Duck Hunt and Gumshoie all day on NES but its still only for a few games.


    I loved the Time Crisis series in the arcades but I don't feel its worth it to buy the game with its light gun if its only going to be used for that one game.

  4. There was a slight problem with anomie's HDMA notes. Specifically, you must set the DoTransfer flag after decrementing NTLRx, otherwise if you have a table entry of $80, two transfers will occur. This fixes the bug in Charlie's stage in SFA2. I also did some tests and verified that enabling HDMA mid-frame does not clear the DoTransfer flag, however the flag is cleared at the start of a new frame (probably during HDMA init). It is possible this flag is cleared at the end of HDMA (V=225/240), but there's no real way to tell. The result is the same either way. The only edge case I can think of is to try enabling overscan at V > 225, and then enabling HDMA and seeing if a transfer occurs or not. I'll do that later.


        I also fixed a bug with color add/sub, and it fixed both Energy Breaker and the ToP opening battle screen! Finally. That ToP bug annoyed the hell out of me.


        Energy Breaker seems to work perfectly now, even the world map has zero glitches that I can see. The only problem now is that Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest has an odd glitch with HDMA on the map.


        Lastly, I finally feel that the accuracy of the emulator is good enough to block VRAM writes outside of vblank. This means a few fan-translated games that won't run on hardware will no longer work in bsnes. On the positive side, it should hopefully fix glitches in a few commercial games such as Peter Pan. I even found a neat quirk. If you write to VRAM at exactly V=0,HC=6, it will write the CPU MDR (open bus value) to VRAM. Hah. Reads/writes to VRAM with the display disabled ($2100.d7 set) always work. When it's clear, then they only work during vblank. They will not work outside of vblank and inside of hblank. Also, reading from VRAM outside of vblank usually returns $00, $01, or $ff. I haven't found the pattern yet. Maybe it's even returning some of the VRAM the PPU is accessing? Who knows. Writes to $2116 update the VRAM read buffer, this won't work either outside of vblank.




    »» Homepage

  5. * misc: www profiler red-* icon for sites *only* appears when at least one file of the site is new / was updated

    * misc: little speed optimization for chd detection in unneeded rom tests

    * fixed: several old browse-folder settings aren't remembered correctly

    * fixed: some issues while loading wwwdats.ini/urls.ini

    * fixed: wwwprofiler doesn't display empty sites

    »» Homepage/Download

  6. version 4.7.5 changelog:


    .bug fix: Sorting by manufacturer not working

    .added: New File "<frontend>\ini_files\control_types.ini" containing a list of all control types listed in -listxml output (MAME based emulators)

    .changed: Games list files (*.el) are updated to support "ini_files\control_types.ini" Unfortunatelly you will have to recreate your games lists... except for Daphne games

    .bug fix: Control type not correct for lots of games

    .bug fix: Games tooltip hints not displaying the correct string in columns other than description

    .bug fix: A few more memory leaks caused by the IconTools component... there are a bunch  of leaks caused by this component that I've been unable to fix :_(

    .bug fix: Game play time and times played not being updated after playing games

    .bug fix: Read-only checks on files before updating and/or saving to prevent  crash errors

    .added: Option: "Display Read-Only Message" (preferences screen)        A warning message is displayed when atempting to write on an existing file that is marked as read-only (disabled by default)

    .bug fix: Error when setting a MAME emulator in the second MAME tab (Emulator Setup) When f using only one binary, you must set it in the first MAME tab

    .bug fix: Feature "Delete gamename.zip File" was not deleting AGEMAME games

    .changed: Unique sound clips folder for each system (preferences, "Folders / Files" tab)

    .changed: Background images for messages and input box screens

    .changed: Buttons icons <frontend>\resources\images\toolbars\buttons)

    .changed: Removed the "flat" state of all buttons

    »» Homepage/Download

  7. Yeah Quake 3 blew. However the replay value for most FPS is their online play. From what I hear F.E.A.R. really bites. The single player demo was fu nand ran great, but the full game does not work on my PC. From what I've heard Quake 4 isn't very impressive in terms of graphics compaired to Doom 3. It's slightly upgraded but nothing new.

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