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  1. Source Changes


    Fixed crash in some games when using a low sample rate or -nosound.

    [Aaron Giles]


    Fixes crashes in the following drivers: [Aaron Giles]

    * Beat Head (video update)

    * Hit Me (graphics decode)

    * Imago (palette setup)

    * Legend of Kage bootlegs (accessing invalid CPU)

    * Rock Climber

    * Speed Attack (palette out of range)


    TumblePop driver updates: [David Haywood]

    * split driver into tumblep.c and tumbleb.c

    * tumblep.c runs the original tumble pop sets and use now using

        deco16ic.c for the gfx.

    * tumbleb.c runs the bootlegs and games which use hardware which works

        in a similar way to tumble pop (semicom titles etc.)


    Kludged around glitches in Monster World. [David Haywood]


    Cross Pang is now using the sprite draw copied from tumbleb.c instead as

    the game also seems to be based around Tumble Pop designs, as a result the

    'Alpha Blend' bit has been removed and replaced with a flicker sprite bit

    like Tumble Pop which looks more correct to me.  Also changed some default

    settings. [David Haywood]


    Corrected Indian Battle DIP switches. [shimaPong]


    Updated D-Day DIP switches to use conditionals. [James Wallace]


    More Namco sound/MCU updates: [R. Belmont]

    * Fixed analog controls for Ridge Racer and Rage Racer

    * Fixed sound/music to play in System 22 games

    * Fully share the sound part of the MCU RAM for System 11. This allows

        games to read back the song names and fixes the sound test menu in

        Tekken and Tekken 2.

    mslu50xk.th.png pim5cc.th.png cthd20031ow.th.png

  2. BeebEm is a BBC Micro and Master 128 emulator. It enables you to run BBC Micro software on your PC. BeebEm  was first developed for UNIX systems in 1994 by David Gilbert and was then ported to Microsoft Windows.


    To run the latest Windows version of BeebEm you will need Windows 98 or later. The UNIX version will run on most UNIX based systems and Linux (the Windows version also runs quite well on Linux under “wine”). The full source code for BeebEm is included in the downloads.


    BeebEm will run most BBC Micro software including Elite, Exile and Revs. It will also run most BBC Micro ROM software (e.g. Wordwise).


    The software page has links to sites where you can download software. You can also download OddJob, a previously unreleased game for the BBC Micro


    *You can also download the latest beta version of BeebEm. This version can capture AVI video files.

    elite1287na.th.jpg exile1bj.th.jpg

    »» Homepage/Download

  3. The latest built (binary) of atari++ for the win32 platform and CVS Snapshot has been updated.

        * Fixed the SetIRQ service routine of the built-in Os.

        * Fixed (again) the Antic NMI/DLI generation.

        * Fixed CPU handling of the WSYNC register (broke Atlantis)

        * Fixed the keyboard handler of the 5200 emulation which did not generate the up/down bits properly.

        * Fixed the light pen code generation.

        * Fixed parts of the 65C02 emulation, zero page access was not extending properly to page 1.

        * Fixed a lot of compilation problems on 64 bit architectures, special thanks goes to Alexander Müller for helping me to hunt down these bugs.

        * Fixed the SDL detection in configure.

        * Fixed the player generation logic again a bit, did not support horizontal player splitting quite as it should.

        * Improved the emulator handling of warnings, you can now go back to the menu.

        * Added emulation of 1050 internal diagnostic commands.

        * Fixed SIO return codes for SIO bypass routines.

    »» Homepage/Download


    Thanks to Emulator-Zone for the news!

  4. Bugs fixed:


    - Incorrect AF 2005 path defaults.

    - Blitter freeze in CE-mode if D-channel was not enabled.

    - Misc/Priority panel crash when running under Windows 9x/ME.

    - Parallel port emulation. (Gauntlet III)

    - Two disk emulation bugs. (Xybots, Disposable Hero and others)

    - Incorrect.uae extension path if -datapath -command line

      parameter was used.


    New features:


    - Old versions of AdaptecASPI and NeroASPI are now automatically

      rejected. No more crashes or bluescreens under Windows 9x/ME if

      Windows build-in ASPI is used.

    - Full SCSI device support in SPTI-mode.

    - Display panel resolution and depth moved to separate select boxes

    - Disk history format changed. File name is now visible even if

      path is very long.

    »» Homepage/Download
  5. A language update for Project64 appeared.

    Contains the following languages (new and improved):


    * Brazilian Portuguese

    * Chinese (Simplified)

    * Chinese (Traditional)

    * Finnish

    * German

    * German_int

    * Hungarian

    * Italian

    * Japanese

    * Lithuanian

    * Norwegian

    * Polish

    * Russian

    * Spanish (South America)

    * Spanish (Spain)

    * Swedish

    * Ukrainian

    »» Homepage/Downloads


    Thanks to Aep-emu for the news!

  6. they have different people animating it. they have like a filler team and a team taht does work on stuff that follows the comic.


    i buy the manga when it is released here in the states but its not as far as it is in japan. i don't like reading scans of it on my pc so i just wait for it to come out here.

  7. Welcome to the new Project64 site

    Written by zilmar

    Tuesday, 11 October 2005


    The new site has been built so we can better support our user base and provide more news. You can get the latest public version of Project64 (v1.6) from the download section. Any problems, have a good look around the support section - still under development as we launch - and the public forum, where we'd also like to hear your responses. We are also giving access to the beta versions and more development news, read more about this here.



    The Project64 team.

    »» Homepage


    Thanks to Emulation64 for the news!

  8. Seeing as I’ve had a bit of time to play with the source, I’ve been looking at the save state system, to see if I can get it to work.


    This has always been a low priority, due to most games using the NVRAM to save their own states, but with the lvpoker.c games converted, it seems sensible to work through the rest.


    Problem is, I don’t know much about how the system works, if any MAME coders are reading this, an explanation would be nice, so that I can fix up the more compicated drivers like the BFM ones.


    PS. Someone pointed out that on certain browsers, the top link bar can’t be read, so the relevant content is now duplicated on the side of the page. I hope this helps.

    »» Homepage

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