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  1. (Windows + Linux) [no release number]

    # [Xe] Xe For Windows.

    # [Xe] Changed all module references to machine references.

    # [Xe] Changed all Fix references to Custom references.

    # [Xe] Fixed expand aspect calculation bug from overscan emulation.

    # [PC Engine / Super Grafx] implemented CPU IRQ stall.

    # [PC Engine / Super Grafx] implemented 10 MHz dot clock (512xH).

    # [PC Engine / Super Grafx] fixed IRQ controller.

    # [PC Engine / Super Grafx] fixed raster IRQ 1 line offset.

    # [PC Engine / Super Grafx] fixed VRAM access.

    # [Mega Drive] implemented interlace mode (Wx448).

    # [super Famicom] implemented hi-res mode (512xH).

    # [super Famicom] implemented pseudo 512 mode (512xH).

    # [super Famicom] implemented interlace mode (512x448 & 512x478).

    # [super Famicom] faster blending algorithm.

    # [super Famicom] fixed 1/2 fixed color blending.

    # [super Famicom] fixed mul/div trigger.

    # [super Famicom] fixed a few SPC700 opcodes.

    # [super Famicom] fixed sprite scroll bug from overscan emulation.

    # [Neo Geo] Changed neogeo.ram neogeo.mc1.


    »» Homepage/Download

  2. 3.80c (10-Oct-2005)


    misc: you can access the scanresults window even when the stats are shown 

    misc: renamed "removed rebuilt sourcefiles" to "remove matched sourcefiles" 

    misc: also bad checksums and wrong sized roms will mark a profile 'red' (although you have to rescan the profiles once to get that activated) 

    fixed: wwwprofiler status isn't determined correctly in all cases 

    fixed: wwwprofiler doesn't refresh 'new/not used dats' when leaving via ESC or [X]

    »» Homepage/Download

  3. Hmm, like Josh I've been unable to get it to open two windows at once. What version of Winamp are you using? I tried on 5.07 and 2.95.

    In any case I've modified it so that it won't allow two info windows even if winamp requested it.


    I changed a few instances of MessageBox that were left in the RSP (and some in the Audio HLE that hadn't really been a problem) to DisplayError so they're now affected by the configuration. All the TLB errors, however, were already DisplayError, so those shouldn't show up if Display Errors is disabled anyway.

    »» Homepage

    »» http://www.halleyscometsoftware.com/mboard...d=48&showpage=8

  4. This program builds on the work done by Saotome to load homebrew EBOOT.PBPs into PSPs with v2.0 firmware, using the TIFF exploit.  It will not work on any other firmware version - including v2.01.


    It currently cannot run all known homebrew, but it uses a number of tricks to get substantially further than the current beta loader. 


    Known limitations are:


    - Can't run kernel-mode applications.

    - Can't run applications with multiple program-segments in the ELF table.


    It's also still very much in development, so the user interface isn't very nice to look at, and a lot of the output is cryptic.


    Future plans:

    - Build a selection menu to choose from different EBOOTs.

    - Improve compatibility

    - allow multiple program segments

    - Tidy up the UI and make it more exciting to look at

    - Reduce the number of components (TIF, PNG, L.BIN), but this structure is easiest to work with at the moment.


    »» Homepage/Download

  5. What are SFV files?


    SFV (Simple File Verificator) files are used to ensure if files are:

    - not corrupt

    - not missing


    For example, with RARs it's important that we got all the parts and that none of the RAR files is corrupt... If it is RAR will tell us (if its new RAR that is). However to know that rar file 020 is corrupt we need to have previous 19 files to test... SFV allows us to test any file at any time without the need to have other files.


    more info: http://dreamlover.tecbox.com/faqsfv.htm

  6. Ever since I saw Ferris Bueller's day off  I wanted to have a sampling keyboard, but these things were always too expensive for me. So, as a first coding experiment with my Nintendo DS, I coded a software sampling keyboard that uses the DS's microphone and touchscreen. It's still pretty basic, but I think it's already quite funny to use. So, feel free to try it out and please give me bug reports and feature requests.


    Known Issues


        * The quality of the recording is rather poor. This is because the microphone is not completely figured out yet. The current quality is the best we can do by now.

        * The recording does not start instantly, but is delayed for about half a second. This is due to problems with the microphone level at the beginning of the recording whoch would produce a nasty click at the beginning. So I decided to leave it out.

        * The pen handling needs improvement. Sorry, I have not looked into methods for improving the pen accuracy yet.

    »» Homepage
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