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  1. Nicolas Cage named his son Kal-El after Supermans real name...


    The google name reminds me of futurama. when leela was a baseball player.


    Leela: Whats your name?

    Girl: eBay..

    Leela: Little e big B?

    eBay: Yea


    Also the word "Sephiroth" has deeper meaning that goes beyond Fnal Fantasy 7. :P

  2. I know. That's the point! Updated graphics wont make me buy the game. Unless it is under 20 bucks!


    I'd much rather have a new game to play with the graphical work they are putting into this game. But all of those poor people who have never heard of Emulators and Roms will think this is a remake of the FF3 that was on SNES (aka 6)

  3. I am already out of luck. <_< No disco, I wasn't around in the 70s. :( I went to metal shows where people beat each other up and got drunk. But now I dunno I'm just a fat sack of crap. :D Stupid internet!

    * GameCop sees Oshisama going to a future Metal concert and sees his stomach jumping up and down faster than he is.


    Probably. The Haunted are playing on Halloween in Santa Ana. Might goto that. :D

  4. MAMETesters Bugs Fixed


    bigkarnk0101u2gre [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]


    Source Changes


    Fixed a number of games that were broken with the u1 update. Just a few

    more cases remain. Most games are working at this point. [Aaron Giles, with

    contributions from El Condor, R. Belmont, Ville Linde]


    Added preliminary save state support to Missile Command and Battlezone.



    Fixed some dips in Pop's Pop's. [sonikos]


    Fixed inputs in Woodpecker. [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]


    Updated PowerPC core to use new disassembler style. [Nathan Woods]


    Merged in recent updates from MESS PC emulation code. [Nathan Woods]


    Fixed DTD in the -listxml output. [Oliver Stoneberg]


    Added sprites banking, tile banking, sound banking, and a couple of

    DIP switches to Egg Hunt. [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]


    Updated 6502 family of disassemblers to the new disassembler style. Added

    internal memory maps for the m6510 and m4510 CPU cores. Updated m4510 to

    use address translation hooks. [Nathan Woods]


    Reduced how often the debugger display is refreshed if stepping and

    steps_until_stop is a high number.  This makes commands like 'step

    #10000' a bit more usable. [Nathan Woods]


    Fixed MESS UI code that prevented P and Esc from being intercepted properly.

    [Lawrence Gold]


    Added check and failure for 0-sized mallocs. [Nathan Woods]


    Updated i86 and i286 cores to hook into the new i386 disassembler.

    [Nathan Woods]


    Added MMU support to the MIPS3 dynamic recompiler. Re-enabled it by default.

    Added direct fast RAM access to the dynamic recompiler, as well as optional

    hotspot optimizations. Most games should show a net speedup over the pre-MMU

    compiler. [Aaron Giles]


    Fixed FPU decoding and a few other minor issues in the i386 disassembler.

    [Aaron Giles]


    Added rudimentary hotspot detection to the debugger. Type "help hotspot" for

    details on how it works. [Aaron Giles]


    Cleaned up the way the debugger hooks into the memory subsystem. Now, on each

    CPU switch, the debugger queries the memory system for callbacks to be called

    on every read/write. This allows more efficient watchpoint tracking and allows

    for non-watchpoint debugging behaviors like the hotspot detection.

    [Aaron Giles]


    Changed the way encrypted CPU memory is allocated and managed. Previously,

    memory_set_opcode_base() was used to set a single pointer to the decrypted

    opcodes; however this presented a number of limitations. Now that all RAM and

    ROM-like regions are assigned banks, the memory system now tracks decrypted

    opcodes per bank. For implicit banks (marked RAM or ROM in the memory map),

    a new function memory_set_decrypted_region() configures which areas of the

    address space contain decrypted opcodes and where the decrypted opcodes live.

    For explicit banks, there is a new function memory_configure_bank_decrypted()

    which operates identically to memory_configure_bank() but specifies a pointer

    to the decrypted opcodes on a per-bank basis. Updated all drivers using the

    old mechanism to the new mechanism and removed the old system. [Aaron Giles]


    Thanks to the new opcode handling, removed "RAMROM" support from the memory

    subsystem altogether, and updated all drivers to simply limit their decryption

    to areas that the CPU decrypted. [Aaron Giles]


    Fixed activecpu_dasm() and cpunum_dasm() to detect the presence of an updated

    disassembler and wraps the calls to that rather than crashing. [Aaron Giles]


    New clones added


    Street Fighter EX 2 (ASIA 980312) [Corrado Tomaselli]

    Batsugun (set 2) [Parodier]

    Glass (Ver 1.0 set 2) [Corrado Tomaselli]

    Golden Tee Royal Edition Tournament (v4.02) [brian Troha]

    »» Homepage/Download

  5. Nintendulator is a Nintendo Emulator that has been updated for Windows.

    A few major bugs (dealing with recording movies from savestates) have been fixed, and a few new mappers have been added.

    After some consideration, I realized that there's no point in including separate downloads for the beta mapper DLLs when the beta emulator binaries always include them.

    »» Homepage/Download
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