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  1. I don't think that he's gay because he finds other things to occupy his time instead of watching porn. I used to watch it frequently and it became very boring. It got to the point where I would start thinking about how they are in real life. What diseases they might have, how painful it is to bleach the bumhole etc.


    Porn really isn't a good thing. It's really overrated.


    Nuff said. :angry:

  2. I don't recommend 3rd party firewalls, it's cause more problems then it's worth, I would stick with Routers and Windows firewalls. As for anti-virus, I recommended Kaspersky Anti-Virus, it's has a high detection rate and I find it the least annoying.


    On new laptop I would recommend installing a fresh clean copy of Windows then install the necessary software and drivers, that way you get less problem with your laptop. I did exactly that with my new DELL, with a fresh copy of Windows 7 Professional that I legally got from the MSDNAA for free. ;)


    My laptop also came with Mcafee it is so annoying!

  3. And guys are just as much trouble.


    I think egocentric are the most troubled and gender plays no role in this at all. Don't worry I didn't say you were egocentric or anything like that! I find the whole gender bashing thing quite narrow actually and I find the word "bitch" quite arrogant and discriminating.

  4. If she's accusing you of hitting her then fuck it...hit her.


    No, hitting a women is just not right, that something a psycho would do, but not something a strong man would do. It's best just to take no notice of her and give her no second thoughts at all, I mean none at all. :P

  5. Honestly, Hera I think you should of spoken to the staff privately rather than start a thread like this, your thread has caused some of these guys to get carried away! Anyway sorry to hear you going, although I haven't been here frequently.

  6. advert at home is harsh place to post tim eckel banned me for spamming! That douche bag! lol


    Oh that arrogant swine lol, I would just leave him alone, he just not worth wasting time with and beside he is also a family man. Also he doesn't care what people say or think, he has thick skin. :(

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