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  1. Personally I wouldn't recommend the upgrade edition, go for the full edition and Home Premium should satisfy most users here unless you work from home go for Professional, if you work for the CIA or protect corporate secret then Ultimate is the one for you. I also recommend a fresh install.

  2. I don't think that he's gay because he finds other things to occupy his time instead of watching porn. I used to watch it frequently and it became very boring. It got to the point where I would start thinking about how they are in real life. What diseases they might have, how painful it is to bleach the bumhole etc.


    Porn really isn't a good thing. It's really overrated.


    Nuff said. :angry:

  3. I don't recommend 3rd party firewalls, it's cause more problems then it's worth, I would stick with Routers and Windows firewalls. As for anti-virus, I recommended Kaspersky Anti-Virus, it's has a high detection rate and I find it the least annoying.


    On new laptop I would recommend installing a fresh clean copy of Windows then install the necessary software and drivers, that way you get less problem with your laptop. I did exactly that with my new DELL, with a fresh copy of Windows 7 Professional that I legally got from the MSDNAA for free. ;)


    My laptop also came with Mcafee it is so annoying!

  4. And guys are just as much trouble.


    I think egocentric are the most troubled and gender plays no role in this at all. Don't worry I didn't say you were egocentric or anything like that! I find the whole gender bashing thing quite narrow actually and I find the word "bitch" quite arrogant and discriminating.

  5. If she's accusing you of hitting her then fuck it...hit her.


    No, hitting a women is just not right, that something a psycho would do, but not something a strong man would do. It's best just to take no notice of her and give her no second thoughts at all, I mean none at all. :P

  6. Honestly, Hera I think you should of spoken to the staff privately rather than start a thread like this, your thread has caused some of these guys to get carried away! Anyway sorry to hear you going, although I haven't been here frequently.

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